Chakra Analysis

Chakra Analysis

Lately I have really been trying to work on balancing out my chakras. I have been reading up and in some manners, giving myself my own analysis. I haven’t been too far off but I really wanted to get a professional analysis so I could really see what’s going on. Long story short my boyfriend and I went in for a Biopulsar Chakra Reading.  This uses a biofeedback imaging system that measures the energy vibrations that are emitted from all the different reflex points on your hand.  I am going to give a brief explanation of what the woman told me and found in my colors.

Starting with the crown of the head, this is where your gifts to the world are viewed, I had a lot of green, some yellow, some violet, turquoise, and indigo. I was mostly green and she explained that this means my gift is one of harmony and balance using a love of nature, friendship and of love itself. We thought this lines up with my yoga teaching but that it will eventually manifest into much more. I also had a lot of blue, and turquoise (combining the green and blue). This symbolized inner calmness, trust, and leadership with the blue. The turquoise represents blue and green melding into the masculine side of heart to heart communication and the feminine side a wish to explain what is on one’s mind.

Coming from the crown down through the throat, chest, and arms there was once again blue, but also yellow and violet. This area represented actions taken. In other words how I process and work in the world. Yellow represented intelligence. She said this is a sign I am always thinking  with a positive outlook and mental strength and that this combined with the blue means I am putting a lot of thinking into making other people around me happy (more on this later). The violet and indigo symbolized a strong ability to transfer my spiritual and unconscious mind’s knowledge.

Moving along to the lower leg region, these are the changes occurring in life as we speak or in the near future, there was once again a lot of violet, green, and turquoise. The violet made me so happy when she explained that this means I am following my guides and their direction for me in life. It is a color of spiritual inspiration and understanding, as well as artistic ability. This means I am listening to them even when I am not aware of it. This has been a concern of mine before. The green once again means I am using my love for nature and friendship in reaching my potential in life. I think that may be through the yoga and even this blog.

Finally we went through my chakra scores. Most were in good balanced range. The two that were off were the ones I would have least expected…my throat chakra and my solar plexus. My Spleen chakra was also a bit high. So I thought how is my throat chakra off (it was the most drastic imbalance of all)? I talk all the time and I feel like most of it is important…right??? Well turns out it may not be an issue with speaking, but speaking my truth. With the spleen imbalance a little high, this is the emotional center, and the throat extremely low, she said I may have issues really speaking from my emotions about how I feel. I may not be true to myself and this can also cause the throat chakra issues. I am on a mission to listen to myself more and try not to hold back or hold in any emotional distress. Her advice to me “Sometimes you just got to cry it out, even if you’re not feeling particularly sad or you may think you have nothing to cry about.” Sure enough I was crying like a baby later that day…I wasn’t provoked it just happened, but maybe she was right, maybe it is what I needed. My solar plexus, ego center, was also high. This connects us to our mental self. I don’t consider myself a self-centered person so once again I was a little taken back.  This strong sense of self however doesn’t mean you are “full of yourself”, like I thought. This can just mean you have a strong sense of who you are and knowing what principles are important and what you choose to stand up for.  I have definitely been finding my ground lately and discovering what is really true to me and my nature so this all started to make sense.

This is just a basic over view of what I was told and a little bit of a reflection on what some of this may mean to me. Our chakras change every day, but I thought this was an interesting way for me to see where I am starting here and what are some important things for me to work on/ work through. If any of you have an interest or wants to maybe know a little more about your overall energy, I highly suggest and experience as such!

2 responses to “Chakra Analysis

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing such an awesome experience!! I know I would certainly be interested in having one done. I am wondering if more women have a tendency to have more closed throat chakras. My understanding is that this chakra is the first male energy chakra, as the heart chakra is really a blend of both male and female energies. I would think mine should be open, as I also talk a lot and am in the public eye. But considering what you said about speaking your TRUTH, maybe I am not open there either. I love chakra talk! Keep it coming!!!

  2. It’s funny how similar we all seem to be (Mina & Sara!). I had no idea my throat chakra had an issue, but it makes so much sense! I have seriously been frustrated by the tight feeling in my neck for the past three years.I wonder how many physical ailments are a clue about blocked chakra energy…all ailments maybe? What do you guys think?

    PS if this topic interests anyone else here’s my story:

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