“Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs”

This isn’t really what I planned to write about for my first post, but then again, I don’t think anyone cares if I planned it or not. 😉

I returned home yesterday after a week long trip to Tampa to see my family and help my brother move. I was only just now unpacking my bags when I found this scrap of paper folded up in the makeup pocket of my toiletry bag. I thought it was pretty odd there was a folded up note in there and assumed it would be a little note from my mom!

I opened it up to find this:

photo (2)


Everyone and everything is interconnected in the universe. Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs. Follow the signs and you will find your destiny. – Jeff”

I don’t know anyone named Jeff, don’t own this type of notepaper and haven’t the slightest clue how it ended up in my bag. At first, I felt sorry that maybe it reached me accidentally and was meant to encourage someone else – but upon reading the message, is it really an *accident*? I think it is so cool – anyone who knows me well knows that I believe very deeply in the Red Thread of Fate and the interconnected-ness of the universe.  Jeff, you sound like you’re a pretty wise dude

I graduated from nursing school last week, which is the start of a new chapter, but is also the end of a very long story of how I earned my place in nursing school. I do believe that nursing is my destiny. While I can’t remember, in this moment, specific “signs” that made me choose the path to nursing, there are many turns of events that managed to keep pushing me on the path, even if it didn’t seem like it at the time.

I quit my first professional job out of college (teaching middle school science) shortly after I started – it seemed like a bad sign for my career, at the time. Fast forward one month and I quickly enrolled in prerequisite classes for B.S.N. programs to prevent a very dreaded “gap” on my resume. After that, I went to work in a taco shop! Sometimes, I felt ridiculous working there, like I was wasting my time. But that job provided me with flexible hours and cash that I needed while I was taking night classes – maybe it was a good sign. That fall, I got wait-listed for the January 2012 program and they asked me to apply again for the May 2012 group – what a terrible sign! I nearly gave up the hope of ever getting to start a full-time nursing program, but tried to stay optimistic and positive (“pure of heart”?). Those few extra months let me save more money, spend time with my closest friends and meet some new people who are now very dear to me. Now I am so thankful that I had a horrible teaching job that I quit, that I worked in a taco shop and that I got waitlisted at my dream nursing school – I think it all led me to my destiny.

I guess my message to whomever is reading this is similar to what Jeff said best in his note. Stay positive, have the best intentions, work really hard and keep your eyes open. Never doubt that the universe has a plan for you, even if your plans don’t coincide evenly with it. We are all connected and with some effort, we can tug the strings of fate to weave this amazing web together, as it was meant to be.


6 responses to ““Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs”

  1. Your wisdom is true in the blog. A wise person try to share love and kindness. I told people to live a good life. Being pure of love and hope will lead you to good places. negative thoughts and action lead us to bad places.

    • johncoyote you are so right! Thank you for your kind words, my friend Liz here is quite a special woman!

      May you continue your wise path and find things that inspire you daily!

  2. It’s comical how someone’s mistakes or accidents can end up meaning so much to the person who receives it. These things, small notes, letters, signs all seem to come at the time when we mostly seem to need it the most. People like Jeff, who share their kindness with our fellow neighbors, are true heros and wonderful people, all who should be proud to live in this world.
    Btw, I love your blog, I love the pics and the way its set up. The few posts I have read have also been awesome, totally cool.

  3. What a marvelous happenstance. I do believe that if I were to open my suitcase with such a note inside, I would break out in goose bumps that would last for days ….. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  4. I just watched a movie called Jeff, who lives at home, you should watch it, amazing movie, the line is from this movie, very heart warming 🙂

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