Beneath the Branches of Mother Willow

This weekend I discovered places in my home state of Illinois that I did not know existed. Places of exquisite beauty and natural serenity. Places that housed Healers and Travelers and Magicians. I found a secret garden and sat under a beautiful willow tree. I was so inspired, in fact, that I actually wrote some poetry.

writing tools

Writer’s tools. ūüôā


Here is a poem I wrote at the Blue Sky Vineyard.

Mother Willow

The tree who inspired me. 

Beneath Mother Willow’s Branches

Black and silver snake slithers mischievously past my feet and effortlessly evades my grasp.

Shy turtles peak their heads from their watery hiding spots, smiling up at the Sun.

Cheerful birds chatter overhead, arguing merrily amid the branches and leaves.

Bold ants tickle my ankles and calves pretending to be blades of grass.

Boastful frogs sing loudly waiting for a maiden to hear their song and bestow them with a kiss.

All around Life sings its song.

Here and Now, I am in harmony with the music.

2 responses to “Beneath the Branches of Mother Willow

    • Thank you so much for the comment! I am new to poetry writing and it is so nice that people are enjoying this! It’s funny, all of it was true. It’s as if the day were a poem and I was just the one meant to share it with others. I even kissed the frog! Seriously! Still no warts (that I know of!). I have always been drawn to Willows. This one was especially kind because she offered shade on a hot day and the breeze beneath her branches was a relief to my hot, sun burned skin. I ate a few leaves as I walked away, I’m still not sure why. They tasted like kale. Yum.
      Have a gorgeous day and thanks again for reading and enjoying my poem!

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