The Secret Garden of Makanda Village

In the sleepy Village of Makanda,

amid the forests and the vineyards,

behind the tiny downtown storefronts,

there lies a Secret Garden,

of whimsical delight.

To find the entrance

you must pass through

the dim light corridor,

inside the shop of the Rainmaker.

Through the unconscious underworld

guarded by an earthly goddess.

With hair like Medusa,

and a look of calm foreboding.

Beyond the glassy eyed goat

surrounded by  the faces

of tormented souls

and skulls picked clean of their flesh

by the ravages of time.

Beyond this shadowy tunnel

a doorway of light draws you outward

into the entrance of the Garden.

Signs and beasts alert you

to proceed with Caution.

You have entered a place where winged fairies flutter

in the tangled mazes of ivy,

and mermaids bask in the Sun.

Where frogs call to the Koi fish,

who break the surface of the pool

to whisper back their secrets.

Stone steps lead to a hidden hollow,

where a circular window lets the Sun enter at will

and the Moon peek in at night.

The perfect place for afternoon gatherings,

or late night dreaming.

Climb higher and you’ll find a Tower,

made of stone and wood,

where you can have tea amid the tree tops,

and talk with the singing birds.

You cross a bridge that leads nowhere

over a sparkling stream

full of smooth stones

and rocks stacked like artwork

that remind you to watch your step.

You leave your mark for the next traveler to find,

or to kick over mindlessly.

It doesn’t matter.

This is a place of harmony.

Where worlds collide,

and creativity is the only language.

You are moved to tears

and forced to smile.

And spin in circles

your face lifted towards the sky like a sunflower

I found you at last!

Eden is all around.

Everyday miracles surround us.

What a beautiful surprise.

3 responses to “The Secret Garden of Makanda Village

  1. Kaycie, It is so fortuitous that we discovered the secret garden. When you guys said that we were going on the SI wine trail………my first thought was Makanda. If I had not said that we may have not gone there. I really had no connection there…………maybe I did. I believe in miracles.

    • Thank you! That place really touched me. It was so peaceful and powerful. I sat on a rock and just started to cry when I walked through. I hope to go back soon and visit. I am definitely planning on going in October. The town celebrates the “Vulture Festival” and the owner of the garden invited me to listen to bands in that sacred space. I was so flattered and excited! Look for a Part II poem in Oct! 🙂

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