Lunar Eclipse…Unfolding Your New Reality

I have a daily calendar at work in which I leave myself notes to find in the future. Today said, “lunar eclipse…unfolding your new reality.” I forgot when I wrote it and where I got the information, but sure enough there is a significant astronomical/astrological event occurring this weekend.

This full moon, super moon, (in fact ‘super’ in astronomical terms) takes place on May 25th, 2013. In astrological terms, this full moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom. Wisdom’s counterpart is knowledge, or Gemini.

This moon illuminates the wheat from the chaff. After this moon, it will be easier to make decisions about what gets your energy and what does not. Let us be clear in our intention (Sagittarius) to sow better seeds (Gemini). Those seeds can be words or deeds, and they can also be seeds of inspiration that we plant. The full moon shows us what we have already planted, or have neglected to nourish. –

What’s strange is that I have already begun to feel different and have been making some necessary changes in my life. For example, my husband and I are taking some time apart. Not a “separation” by any means, more like a mini vacation to get back in touch with ourselves and exercise some independence. So far I think we are both enjoying the space and freedom, and I can already feel myself being drawn back to him somewhat magnetically. I know that when we come together again we will have wonderful things to share with one another.

In addition to the changes in my relationship, my Level II Reiki Class is scheduled for this Sunday. When a Reiki attunement is received we experience a 21 day cleansing process. The synchronicity that it coincides with this lunar event is very meaningful to me since I have recently developed a fascination with the Moon and her healing powers. I plan on taking a moon bath tonight. I have bathed my Tarot cards in Moonlight, as I have read that it has powerful cleansing properties. I am nervous and excited to try it on myself! I sure can use it. I’ve felt like my energy has been a bit stale this month.

What I have read about this eclipse has been almost overwhelming positive as it seems to be a time of healing, but as if any change it can also have its obstacles. This prediction intrigued me:

So I see some great historical secrets uncovered by investigative truth seekers, which may get silenced by the “lower types.” Acrab and Dschubba are powerful underworld stars. In the mundane world, this is someone who knows how to navigate the corridors of corruption because they were once part of the infrastructure. Now they can work like a virus, entering invisibly then destroying from deep within.. Maybe there are a few of these agents out there working like this. –Dark astrology

For those of you who are truth seekers, or are in a position to blow the whistle on some sort of wrong doing, please have faith in yourself and do the right thing. Only you are in the position to reveal the truth and set things right. Have courage, the time has come to speak up and if you do so you will restore balance and thus promote healing and harmony on the Earth. We need this right now.

Many people tend to fear eclipses, simply because they often bring about a crisis of sorts that leads to a significant event or change. However, this event or change can be very positive. Eclipses are tied to changing circumstances. However, we are usually the ones to precipitate or to attract changes because our “inner guides” know that we need it. Human beings are progressive by nature, and although we might stay in situations that are making us miserable for longer than we should, deep down inside we know that change is necessary for growth. – cafe astrology

We must all have faith in ourselves in order to promote healing. Life is change, keep moving, keep flowing, and you will find peace, harmony, gratitude, joy and love. Stop moving and you will feel isolation, pain, sorrow, doubt and fear. I say this from experience and study. I say it from a place of Love.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there is no denying that things are changing more and more rapidly. The world is “heating up” and moving towards something big. I know not what it is, but I know that whatever comes I will face it with faith in my ability to do the right thing, which means acting from the heart and not from my fearful ego. My “new reality” is heart centered, love centered, and healing centered. This is how it must be.

I will leave you with the Reiki precepts that have become a part of my life ever since I accept my path as a healer. Namaste and may you walk with Light and Love. Enjoy the full Moon!


5 responses to “Lunar Eclipse…Unfolding Your New Reality

  1. wanted to let you know I found this very helpful as we went into this lunar eclipse / dark moon Lilith — thank you!

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