Pain is our Best Teacher


Life’s blessings we can learn through pain
It takes courage to show grace
Like learning to dance despite the rain
Our deepest fears we must learn to face
To move forward is our soul’s desire
Without growth we are stuck in a rut
But we are forced to change when we are burned by fire
Senses are sharpened when stabbed or cut
Listen to how your body aches
Don’t fight it with a pill
Soon tremors will turn to shakes and quakes
If you never test your force of will
Pain is temporary if its lessons we do learn
But if you rest your hand in fire, forever it will burn.

Dear Readers,

I am stronger than I used to be, because pain, both physical and emotional, has kicked my ass lately.

Rather than crumple to the floor and give up, I have decided to face my pain head on and see what it has to offer me.

I have come to know pain as a teacher, though the lessons sometimes takes me years to learn.

But once I discover the root of my pain, what I must do becomes clearer.

Responding to our pain with love, compassion and the intention to truly listen takes courage and fortitude, but it is ultimately worthwhile.

There is a lot of pain going around right now, but I think it is because it is time for a global change in consciousness. We need to be careful about how we treat ourselves, how we treat others and how we treat our Earth. We must learn to listen to pain as a species in order to solve our many global crises.

The best place to start is in your own heart.  I wish you all strength, courage and ultimately peace.

Thank you to Danielle for recent post which helped this sonnet manifest.

I encourage you to look at her story: To thy self be true

For those who are interested I would also like to share this post from my older blog, Insights into Suffering



3 responses to “Pain is our Best Teacher

  1. Kaycie this is just sheer brilliance, the message is so clear in poem and if you don’t mind me asking what is the story behind Nameste ?

    • It’s nice to be reminded that we all have to listen to our pain through our hearts. “What can I learn from this has become a mantra for me through pain. You might like my post “chronic pain and lemonade”. I can truly relate. Love the tie in with global consciousness rising. Good to be reminded that its all collective growing pains.

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