A Second Look at Multitasking

I have always been proud of my ability to multitask.

I believed it was an innate talent, especially prominent in women. I believed it helped me get things done faster which meant more “free time.” I believed that it was impressive and I liked the way others would notice my skill at juggling multiple things at once with out dropping one.

I believed…

Now I believe it is more important to be present. I think whatever you are doing deserves your full attention, because only then can you hear what your inner voice is trying to tell you. Everyday, mundane tasks can take on a whole new beauty when you approach it mindfully. Washing dishes becomes a game of swirling soapy water to make things magically clean again. Eating becomes a time to reflect on where your food came from, to send love and gratitude to the plants or animals that provided it and the farmers and manufacturers who cultivated and packaged it for our consumption. Even blogging comes to life when I put my phone down and other distractions. Just me and my keyboard. My thoughts and intentions bubble up from somewhere deep inside and I observe them and act meticulously.

The thought that just occurred to me…why can’t every moment be special? Why can’t I savor every moment and be fully here and now? Why do I constantly project myself into the future or bury my head in the past? What’s so wrong with the present? After all, the present is a gift and gifts are meant to be played with!

It's not easy to be mindful...but intentions are everything!

It’s not easy to be mindful…but intentions are everything!

Enjoy this video from one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts. It helps remind me to play more and work less, I hope it has a similar effect on you. 🙂


The only moment you have is right now. The past and future are just in your mind.

The only moment you have is right now. The past and future are just in your mind.


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