My Breath: My Life Force


Breathe (Photo credit: PhotoLab XL)


Breathe (Photo credit: sausyn)

My breath is my life force, ever flowing in and out like the tide. It fills me up with light and healing and empties all my spaces of hesitation. I only need to inhale to feel alive and exhale to surrender to the realization that I am one with everything that surrounds me. I am a significant piece that at the same time can be absorbed into the bigger picture that is this universe. It has recently become a huge realization to me that this breath in and out that I take for granted is what keeps me a float. It is what defines me. Without my breath I am nothing but a shell. As I sat for my meditation today I was completely aware and at the same time lost in my breath. That filling up and out, that spontaneous pause at the end of each inhale and exhale, this link between each breath that is the link between me and this world. What a profound feeling to breath out death and breath in rebirth, to start a new with each swell of my chest. My breath controls my anxiety, my fear, my calm, my thoughts. It controls my nervous system and my heart rate. It is literally my life force. I have heard this, read this, but not until today did I truly feel it. This breath is my escape and my grounding all at once. It is everything I need at every moment. If ever I am lost in myself or this world I know I only need to close my eyes and breathe.

3 responses to “My Breath: My Life Force

  1. Just this morning I felt the power of my breath. I woke up late. My phone was missing. I was an hour late for work. I was panicky, angry, frustrated, running around like a chicken with my head cut off…Then, I realized I was practically holding my breath. I could feel my body cutting me of from Spirit. I felt the anxiety it caused me to be separate from my breath. I took a moment to stop in my tracks and inhaled deeply through my nostrils. I let the air fill my belly, my chest cavity, all the way up to the crown of my head. As I exhaled beautiful, comforting thoughts flooded my mind. It was a soft voice that said “it will be OK, you are already late, you might as well take your time and get ready mindfully, don’t worry, trust me it will be OK.” And guess what…I eventually made it to work and the world is still turning.

    What you wrote is so, so true. I just pray that everyone finds their breath when they need it. Thank you for helping me reflect on what happened to me this morning. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Namaste Sweet Sister,


  2. I keep coming back to this post…I really love the way you describe the feeling of belonging of significance and connection…it’s beautiful. Thank you so much! ā¤

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