Aren’t Humans One of Them?

25 is one of my special numbers. I am 25-years-old and still learning about myself and my role in the cosmos. This weekend my friends and I chose chapters from the Tao Te Ching and took turns reading them aloud. I chose chapter 25:

Something unformed and complete
Before heaven and earth were born,
Solitary and silent,
Stands alone and unchanging,
Pervading all things without limit
It is like the mother of all under Heaven,
But I don’t know it’s name –

Better call it Tao.
Better call it great.

Great means passing on.
Passing on means going far.
Going far means returning.

Tao is great.
And heaven,
And earth,
And humans.

Four great things in the world.
Aren’t humans one of them?

Humans follow earth
Earth follows heaven
Heaven follows Tao.

Tao follows its own nature.

Please allow me to reflect…

The Tao is the Nothing.
The Tao makes everything possible.
The Tao receives everything the way a woman’s body receives a man’s body, allowing the blissful orgasm of Creation.
It is emptiness, spaciousness, unifying all that exists.

The Tao gives all life a home. It gives all life the room it needs to flourish. It encompasses all. We do not notice it because we are like fish in water. It is too much a part of us to really see it. But we can feel it if we are mindful.

We are one of the four great things. We are not separate from Earth. We are not separate from Heaven. We are not separate from Tao.

If you don’t feel it, you are not following your own nature. Follow your true nature and you will feel it. You will feel how connected you are to everything.
Do not be afraid to Become.
Do not fear your True Nature.

You are great.
You are powerful.
You are everything.
You are nothing.

Repeat the OM and you will feel it.

Sit in silence and you will hear it.

Allow it. Do not resist it.

You will end up right back where you started, but everything will be different.

Dance, for the World is Yours.

Dance, for the World is Yours.


9 responses to “Aren’t Humans One of Them?

      • It’s from Gnostic mythicism and refers to the spirit world, modern Gnostics might prefer the Singularity Field, or pure Consciousness from which we and everything emanates from. It’s the Tao 😉

  1. Dear Kaycers: even though I don’t comment in every post of yours, I do read every single one of them. You told me you doubt sometimes before writing one, but I must stress this enough: you are a wonderful writer and a very wise 25 year old woman :). I love your energy, I love your posts and your view on life and the world. I’m your same age and I feel really connected to you. Thank you for this. Lots of love.

    • Erika, I just printed your comment to put in my journal. I doubt myself A LOT and your message is one I want to keep close. Thank you again for supporting me and making me feel appreciated. It means more than I can say.

      • Aww wow! I love the fact that I can assure you how amazing blog you got going on here, and what a wonderful person you are! Keep writing and inspiring, my dear 😉

  2. Erika, How wonderful of you to share this with me! I get excited everytime I see one of my “regulars” like or comment one of my posts. I truly feel supported and loved by this community. Perhaps someday we will even meet in person!? I love adventures and meeting new people. I believe in the goodness of people and meeting people like you on this online community just helps reinforce that belief. I wish you a beautiful day and a blessed life! keep in touch!!!
    Love, K

    • Oh, of course! We should definitely meet in a not so distant future :). I feel the same way about you and your wonderful blog. This community has taught me just that: good, kind people exist and we are all connected for a reason. Wish you a wonderful weekend. I will definitely keep reading and keep in touch :).

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