Dreamers Will Change the World

What do you want? Look deep inside your heart. What would bring you the greatest Joy?

Think about it.

What does it look like? Feel like? Taste like? Sound like? How would you feel when you get it? What would you do with it?

Let your imagination run wild!

Play. Travel. Dream. Create!

Visualization isn’t a waste of time. You aren’t in school anymore. No one is going to tap your table with a ruler and admonish you.

Go ahead and daydream!

When you imagine your perfect life, living in abundance, having everything you need exactly when you need it, you raise your own Spirit. Your mind produces chemicals in your body that make you feel good. When you feel good your thoughts and behavior follow in a way that continues to make you feel good. 

Allow yourself the time and space to imagine the things you want in this life. Make them as real as possible. When you are done visualizing sit and breath and feel the wonderful peace and joy wash over you. Feel how loved you are. Feel how special you are. Enjoy your body, mind and soul.

Then, wait.

It may not happen instantly. Just be patient and allow yourself to be present. Feel hope and excitement and anticipation building in your body. Don’t experience it as stress and anxiety anymore. Let go. Stop resisting.

Trust that the Universe will give you what you need, when you need it.

Perhaps you won’t get exactly what you imagined, but something will come. Something will happen. Perhaps it will be exactly what you pictured. Perhaps it will be greater than you could have imagined!

Allow it to happen and accept it when it does. You are worthy. You deserve it! Don’t act small!

I am sharing this message from experience. I am not selling anything. I don’t want anything from you. I am grateful. I am joyful. I am hopeful. I believe that as more of us discover the secret of visualization the World will become more self-aware, happier, more balanced, healthier…

I chose to imagine a world in which


Won’t you join me?




42 responses to “Dreamers Will Change the World

  1. There is a lot written about dreamers but the question which I am pondering on is, do dreams have some significance in our lives or they are just there for us to get through the day?

    Nice post Kay! well constructed 🙂

    • Juned, I think dreams do both. Carl Jung did some awesome work studying dreams. I am actually working on a post about it! I had a dream of walking on water the other night that I want to publicly share and analyze in a Jungian fashion. It was an entertaining dream and gives me wonderful daydreams, but more importantly I think the water represents my emotions and walking on it shows that I am learning to rise above my emotions and not allow them to control me 🙂 Have you every had dreams that changed the way you look at yourself?

    • Thanks purpleray! You are too kind, but I’m sincerely glad you liked it! I had such a beautiful wish fulfilled yesterday and I had to express my gratitude and joy somehow!

    • nomorecv64, have you seen Waking Life? It changed my life. I am still trying to let go of beliefs that are holding me back, I want to fully accept what you said, but it’s still a challenge!

  2. Kaycers,
    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.” The club is gaining many more members around the Earth every day.
    Thank you,

  3. Hey Kay,
    I only got halfway through “Waking Life” (it was 2am), but I really enjoyed what I saw A LOT. Particularly the part about the new evolution paradigm and it’s adherence to Truth, Justice, and…I forgot the third. Especially Justice. Don’t laugh, but you should watch Fight Club. That’s where we’re headed.

    • I’m glad you started watching it. That movie was another one of the pieces of media that I consider a “turning point” in my life. It’s right up there with Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I felt different somehow after I watched it. I’d love to hear your final thoughts when you have time to finish watching it!

    • Meg, did you ever get to see Waking Life? I must have missed your comment up there somehow. It is an animated film (sort of, they shot it in live action and then cartoonized it). I’d love to hear what you think when you see it!

      • I saw it with my kids- thought that the cartoon would appeal to them. It did not! I have to watch it again- I did like t parts I saw:) what did you think?

      • Meg, I can’t imagine many children enjoying Waking Life. It’s very philosophical…a series of discussions between thinkers, philosophers, dreamers, etc. about metaphysics and the nature of reality. It had a profound impact on me. I hope you can watch it again sometime (maybe with a grown up companion or by yourself, hehe)

  4. This is a beautiful rather simple message. But it is very powerful!
    thank you for following and allowing me the opportunity to discover your most interesting blog and posts!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Eddie! It’s always a pleasure to find someone new to share with! Looking forward to more of your posts as well!

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