Spread the Love!

Create art wherever you go and spread the joy that’s inside of you!

If you have something uplifting to share find a way to express it to others.

It CAN and WILL make a difference to someone.

This week was emotionally up and down for me. I upset my brother, not once but twice. A good friend and I had an argument. I seem to be unintentionally hurting people left and right! The only thing that has kept me positive and strong this week was an anonymous chalk drawing on the bridge behind my office.


I know it was “meant for me” because I commute to work on my bicycle. No one else in my office even knows about this beautiful piece of art. I told them about it today, but all week long it was my beautiful little secret.


Who ever doodled this did so with intention. Maybe to be silly? Maybe just to have fun? Whatever the reason is means nothing to me, because I found meaning in it that helped me get through some tough times this week.

photo-3Thank you RB, whoever you are. You have brightened up my week and given me the strength to stay positive even when my emotions wanted to get the better of me!

I encourage all of you to share an inspirational message with a stranger this weekend. If you do please share your stories! Help me spread the love!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!



3 responses to “Spread the Love!

  1. beautiful! thank you so much for sharing- btw I was told that mercury is in retrograde and wreaking havoc-
    I get it and love that you shared this xoxo

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