Wuv Twoo Wuv

I am so honored and excited to be participating in my friends’ wedding this weekend. It is not often that I get to see two of the most wonderful people I know tie the knot. I haven’t had the honor of being a bridesmaid in a while. Twice before I have done it and have been so full of joy and excitement. I’m not a traditionalist by any means. I’m not even 100% sure I believe marriage is necessary. But necessary or not, there something wonderful about watching two people express their love and devotion to one another publicly (especially when you have faith in their relationship!). I’m proud to say that every wedding I have been in, including my own, is a marriage I support 100% and believe will last!

Public romance doesn’t happen all that often unfortunately, so witnessing first dances and kisses and all that is pretty great for me. I love the mushy stuff. I love watching a couple unabashedly adore one another without a care for who is watching. In fact, at times like these it reminds me to canoodle my husband in public every now and then! Who cares about PDA? We aren’t in Jr. High anymore! I say if you love someone show it! The more public affection the more affection. The more affection the happier people are. I say PDA for everyone!


Congratulations to my friends, past, present and future,  who have tied the knot with the one they truly wuv!



8 responses to “Wuv Twoo Wuv

  1. I’m actually working on a post that includes the 6-fingered man. I’ve been putting it off, but I’ll take this as a sign from Buddha to get my rear in gear.

  2. I am loving your Princess Bride reference in this! How exciting that you got to participate in the joining of two people that you are so hopeful about!

    • The wedding was even MORE powerful than I anticipated going in. I got experience the coming together of many souls that clearly planned this meeting before birth. One of the attendants believed that we were a tribe in a past life and that this event was a spiritual spring board for all of us. After the powerful spiritual and emotional cleansing and growth that so many of us experienced it is hard to deny that possibility. Thanks for your kind words and for enjoying the reference to Princess Bride!

  3. Oh, i love weddings, too! I believe in marriage for life also! My parents are living proof of a long-lasting marriage and even though I hear and know of unhappy marriages and divorces, I believe in finding someone to be by my side for a lifetime :).

    • I have faith you will find the right person for you Erika. He’s probably out there daydreaming of you as we speak 😉
      I am lucky to be married to my best friend. He allows me the room to grow, change, and experience what I need to. Being married to me isn’t always easy I am sure. I can be eccentric, moody and needy at times. He has always been patient and loving. We are also fairly open-minded and don’t really believe in having a tight grip on what the other is doing. This allows us the opportunity to experience new things without always influencing each other. It takes work and lots of open communication to maintain that sort of freedom, but it’s definitely worth it for us.
      Sorry I’m rambling now! I just really like talking about human relationships, especially intimate ones. Have you talked to that boy at the gym yet?!? 😉

      • I LOVE your ramblings, please don’t apologise ;).
        I like to think he’s daydreaming about me, too, and I’m certain the right guy will be drawn to me, and me to him, when the time is right. I love how you talk about marriage, it’s inspiring. I also love the idea that you both are individuals in a relationship, and not a relationship with tight grips; I’ve never believed in jealousy or in being with the other person 24/7.
        About the guy at the gym we haven’t spoken anything other than “hi” and “goodbye”… haha, the treadmill situation is a barrier (he runs for about an hour and a half). But, he recently started wearing cologne to the gym… suspicious, huh? Haha. It’s funny, on my previous relationship I made the first move and approached him first. It worked out but the thing is I met him at a club and was a bit drunk… I am starting to believe I’m a female version of Raj Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory!!! I’ll keep you posted, though. 🙂

  4. I like your attitude that you and the right guy will attract one another. It fit’s nicely with my intention for August: allowance. I think you are wise to view your next relationship that way. Don’t force it. Don’t fear solitude. Just try to make the most of every opportunity! It wouldn’t hurt to have a conversation with the treadmill guy if you catch him at a water fountain or in passing though 😉
    Also, kudos for keeping up with your gym routine! I am NOT good at keeping up with that sort of thing> I gave up “working out” in lieu of riding a bike instead of driving and doing regular yoga. Maybe soon I’ll start doing some light exercises to tone and build strength again. you inspire me regularly!

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