Resurrection of a Dragonfly

Resurrection of a Dragonfly

I just returned from a truly life-affirming vacation. I can’t wait to share some of the lessons I learned with all of you! I truly enjoy the community of open communication here at WordPress and I missed corresponding with my people!

To kick off this week I wanted to share an inspiring article I received in the newsletter from the Midwest Reiki Community. The link above entitled Resurrection of a Dragonfly illustrates one of the lessons I learned on vacation this past week. Even the smallest act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. Our perception, the lens with which we interpret meaning, is all that matters in matters of the heart and soul.

blue dragonfly

Rescuing a dying dragon fly can help us understand the beauty and power of loving kindness. When you walk with loving kindness in your heart you can’t help but be mindful of the suffering around you. You become more aware of the needs of others. As you expand your awareness to meet their needs you find your own growth and healing, as well.

In this story the dragonfly was covered in dust, colorless, lifeless. How many people do you know who fit this description? Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone whose vibrant soul has been dulled and dimmed by pain and hardship? What if all they need is someone to gently move them into the sunlight and breathe love and beauty into those eyes? What if all it takes is one simple act of kindness? Would you do it for a family member? A friend? A stranger?

No kind act is ever too small to make an impact on the world. The more loving kindness you give the more you will receive. Life small gifts are some of the most valuable. Give and receive them with a joyful heart.



Please also enjoy this symbolic interpretation of the dragonfly. I would for you to leave your comments, stories, questions and reactions below! All input is always welcome!!!


9 responses to “Resurrection of a Dragonfly

  1. Kaycie,
    “Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone…” We are almost like the actors in a movie. Hopefully we will remember our “lines” and say what is needed to renew vibrancy to that soul dulled and dimmed by pain and hardship.
    Thank you,

  2. Kaycie,
    Your reply reminds me of Dannion Brinklley when he said that we are all heroes and powerful spiritual beings. He thought we were all heroes because we knew life would present us with difficulties and suffering but we still chose to be born. His NDE certainly gave him a changed outlook and philosophy. I can’t remember who said it but “the world knows nothing of its greatest heroes.”
    Thank you,

    • Do you think it is more heroic to be an anonymous hero? I am currently struggling with the balance between my desire to help people, and reach as many as possible with love and positivity and the role my Ego plays in that quest. Am I just out to get “fame” for good deeds? I don’t think so, but this desire to be “known” and to know as many others as I can really makes me wonder and keeps me on my toes!

  3. Kaycers,
    Isn’t it amazing how huge a concept is the little three letter word: ego. Three letters and the whole philosophy of life and the reasons for existence. Many, if not all, of the various spiritual traditions call for the complete destruction of the ego. So the struggle you mention comes with the territory, so to speak, when we are fortunate enough to find this space to communicate with others. There was a post on another blog, “coincidentally”, which talked about the difference between happiness derived from hedonistic actions and happiness derived from actions taken with the concern for the well-being of others. Scientists seemed to have proven that hedonistic “happiness” is the same as eating empty calories or junk food. That happiness which comes from concern for others is more beneficial for health and well-being.
    I am sure you and your readers have a good sense of the difference between the true and false; between the real and the illusory.
    When you express your awareness of the possibility of ego entering in at least you are AWARE of the phenomenon.
    When you ask is it more heroic to be an anonymous hero, you are getting into what the Bhagavad Gita says about taking “actions WITH desire for the fruits of the actions” and “actions with NO desire for the fruits.” Krishna (Creator/God) tells Arjuna that he must take actions with NO desire for the fruits (acclaim, being “known”, etc.). I would equate taking actions without desire for the fruits to being an “anonymous hero” and would perhaps be a more enlightened view (according to the spiritual concepts of the Bhagavad Gita and other spiritual writings).
    It seems that killing the ego is the most important thing when spiritual enlightenment is the goal. A Course in Miracles talks about destruction of the ego as well (
    Thank you,

  4. I like the reference to the Bhagavad Gita. It really resonates with me! I have a copy of the course in miracles but haven’t delved into it quite yet. Just a lot on my plate I guess…
    I have a slightly different attitude towards the Ego. I’m not sure total destruction is my goal…at least not at this stage. The Ego serves a purpose. It helps us create boundaries and structure. It helps us identify and differentiate. It is the lens of dualism (or duelism haha). Ram Dass talks about how rather than destroying the Ego we should treat it with compassion, but with the firmness of a father figure. I had a meditation experience recently in which I began to soothe my “self” (my Ego). I cooed to it. “thank you” i said “for all your hard work in trying to help me control my surroundings, but it is time to let go, I can take things from here.” I likened the experience to a father returning home from a long journey away and relieving a young boy of the duty of taking care of the house while he was out. My ego is ill equipped to be in charge, but it does have a place in the family as part of my Whole Being. Does that make sense? Perhaps I’m way off here…as I mentioned I haven’t read as extensively as you seem to have so your input is more than welcome!

  5. Kaycers,
    When people talk about these things there is a certain amount of “feeling our way through the dark” as the topics are not often discussed. The concepts surrounding spirituality cannot be held in our hands; physically seen and felt. For that reason it is a little more challenging to describe ideas and aspects. ACIM was written by psychologist Helen Schucman so, as I believe you have studied psychology, the writings should be up your alley, not to mention the writings contain beauty and spiritual power. Sometimes we overcomplicate philosophical/spiritual discussions. One man whose name I can’t recall said, “the reason more people aren’t enlightened is because it is so simple.” It may be as simple as the golden rule. It may be as simple as good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. It may be as simple as seeing Creator/God in every person, every animal, every plant, and every thing. Oneness. It is interesting to explore as there is always benefit for those who sincerely seek truth on the journey. With science and spirit coming together, we have much to look forward to, with even greater discoveries on the horizon.

    • You know, I have a hunch it truly is as simple as good thoughts, good deeds and seeing the Divine in all. I love that lately as I open up to this simple beauty more and more the reminders come more and more frequently. Synchronicity at its best.
      Namaste Dear Jerry,

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