Adopt an Attitude of Acceptance


August is the month of Allowance. Allowance and acceptance have more in common than just alliteration. To truly allow things to be the way they are you must also learn to accept them. If you are never satisfied with the present, how can you be sure you’ll ever be satisfied with the future? The grass always appears greener on the other side if you never take a moment to appreciate the grass beneath your feet.


In my post Moving Beyond Othering I talked about the problem of falsely believing that the group  (race, religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, country, sexual orientation, species etc.) that you are a part of is the ‘right’ way to be human. When we practice this approach we immediately adopt the mindset of “us vs. them.” Instead of focusing our energy on learning to accept and even appreciate one another’s differences, we waste our vital life force arguing about them. This is sad because it takes our attention away from the fact that we also have a lot in common. We are all connected, deal with it!

Beauty is everywhere. Miracles happen daily. Despite these truths, I still know people (lots of people) who complain about everything. Nothing ever satisfies them. They worry about money, complain about the neighbor’s lawn, gossip about coworkers, bitch about politics…the list goes on and on and on of all the things they waste their energy whining and worrying about! The song Let It Be by the Beatles comes to mind. Imagine how much more peaceful your day would be if you would just heed those words?

I had a revelation while talking to my youngest brother the other day. I asked him to think about the fact that his brain communicates with every part of the body. The human nervous system is a spectacular and intricate system! In each part of your body, from your heart and circulatory system to your big toe, you can find nerve cells that allow the brain to send and receive messages. That means, that if we focus our attention on any part of our body we may actually have the capacity to communicate with it…perhaps even think with it. We decided we would try thinking with our “heart brains” immediately just to see what happens!


The world is full of people who think with their mind’s. The Ego, the logical, rational part of the mind that dissects, categorizes, organizes and structures the input of our senses, is overwhelmingly “in charge.” Perhaps if we could move our awareness out of our heads we could utilize other “minds” within our bodies. For example if we started thinking from the heart space, the center for love of the self and others, we would learn to accept ourselves and others and appreciate the diversity and mystery of life itself.

Inside the Ego

Anxiety and fear breed

Birthing suffering.


Inside the heart space

Love and acceptance abound

Live here and know peace.

Acceptance is love.

Love is boundless.

Practice acceptance and find your freedom.

Namaste Dear Ones,


16 responses to “Adopt an Attitude of Acceptance

  1. Kay,
    You make an interesting point when mentioning “complaining, gossiping, bitching.” One wonders why people would voluntarily place themselves in situations where there is negativity,wasting of personal energy and unhappiness. It is probably learned ego-centered behavior but it is a strange phenomenon. Your writing here points to important concepts which directly relate to whether people experience true happiness or not.
    Thank you,

    • An interesting phenomenon indeed.Perhaps similar to binging? In the middle of a food or drink binge I begin to wonder “why am I wasting my time and energy on this?” Doing things we KNOW are unhealthy seems to suggest that we actually desire doing harm to ourselves. If that’s not the influence of something sinister and insidious within ourselves (666 as david suggests) I don’t know what is!

  2. I can always improve on acceptance. At least to the point of tolerating. Just when I think I’ve got it mastered, out it comes again, my ego demanding others behave as I want them to. I think ego is 666 sometimes. It has been for me. (or maybe that’s just my ego talking again) Great posts as always.

    • David, thanks for the comment.I like your point about ego and 666. I am starting to better understand the archetype of the “devil” within as that little voice that urges you to do things that you know will actually harm you. It is the direct opposite of the inner light. It is the shadow doing it’s best to keep truth hidden from our conscious view…

  3. Kay / David,
    Do you ever get jazzed when in discussion sections where there is the sense that a discovery or breakthrough is imminent? I guess that’s what keeps us going when getting into metaphysical talks. So when we come from the heart at all times, we have made the conscious decision to always come from love as opposed to fear. Ego = fear. I think it was from a Neale Donald Walsch book where he said that we are coming from a place of fear, or we are coming from a place of love at all times. And that there were no gray areas; it was one or the other. Where we come from, fear or love, depends wholly on our decision. Taken to the largest scale, it is the same for humanity as a whole. So it would seem that any effort to create more good in the world, whether on an individual person to person basis, or on a worldwide basis, would require choosing to come from a place of love.

    • The ego AKA the Archons, are a very low dense vibration that makes living on earth like walking in glue. I think our purpose is to evolve and I believe we will. Being with like minded people is uplifting, I agree 100%. It will one day become our natural state of existing. It just seems this is the direction life is meant to go in.

  4. It excited me very much that this post elicited such a discussion out of two fellow bloggers who I respect so much!
    I think we are all journeying in the direction of light and love and freedom, this would include breaking the fear-based shackles of the ego. I like to think that my work as a blogger, a reiki practitioner and tarot consultant are all part of the grander picture of helping myself and others in this process of evolution (i.e. shifting to a higher vibrational state of being and expanded awareness).

  5. David,
    To use an analogy as we walk the journey of life, we come closer and closer to that doorway through which, when we walk in, we find ourselves in a place, a world, which cannot be described. Those who had a NDE have come closest to that place. I’m addicted to NDEs as the descriptions people share contains the most profound spiritual wisdom ever uncovered. It is worth repeating that the NDE offers human beings a glimpse of ultimate reality, revelations which are coming from Creator/God. That these revelations are coming in the year 2013 is not coincidence, but according to some type of humanly incomprehensible, divine timing. Perhaps I am looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, or, the “direction life is meant to go”, as you mentioned, humanity’s movement in that direction, is occurring as we speak.
    Thank you,

  6. I just came back from watching the movie “Now you see me” and I think you might enjoy it a lot (just as i did). Why am I bringing it up just now? Because it brings the subject of the ego, and how faith is what makes life beautiful. Maybe that’s not the main point of the movie but that’s what I got out of it. Thanks for yet another thought-provoking post.

    • Erika,
      Nice to meet you. You mentioned “Now You See Me” and I was hoping you could tell us a little more about the film. Who are the actors, who directed, etc. Who were the key grips, who catered the food, etc. Excuse my poor attempt at humor, I am comedically challenged. People are interested in good films because those who created the work put much effort into producing the art. You found the film and it moved you in some way, to the point where you recommended it here. A 10,000 word review would be ok.
      Thank you,

  7. Erika,
    Looks like a good movie. Without finding reviews on YouTube what was the motivation of the “magicians”? Were they like modern day Robin Hoods?
    Thank you for the link.

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