Full Moon Cleansing

moon-cycle energies

Moon Cycles.

Mina and I have started a Reiki business: Joyful Lotus. This month we are hosting our first event. We call it our Full Moon Party.

Notice that with different phases of the Moon we can synchronize our life events with the great Cosmic Drama and be “in the flow.”

For those of you who can’t come to our cleansing, moon bathing event, try performing your own symbolic ritual on August 20th to celebrate the Full Moon.



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    • Thanks In Her Words! I love your blog and it is nice to receive the recognition. I will say, I’m slow to accept the awards…not because I’m not grateful, but because I am still working on my internet/blog literacy! The first awards I got I had to have the lady who nominated me walk me through the process of displaying the lovely awards! I’m ashamed to admit that I forgot and now need to humbly ask my computer-whiz husband to teach me how to do it again. Lol. Thank you and thank you again for nominating me!! ❤

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