Processing Your “Stuff”

“Healing” is to your energy field like “working out at the gym” is to your body – it can fatigue or energize you. In either case, your body-mind needs to adjust and integrate. Depending upon the individual and the intensity of the session, the length of time needed for this will vary. Remember, this is profound life altering work, and whether you are aware of it or not you will be affected. This work also takes some physical energy to process, so you will definitely need to rest your body and restore its nutritional reserves. Listen to your instincts: if you feel like sleeping – sleep. If you are hungry – eat. 

You Have Stuff
No matter what you experience in or out of the sessions, do not be alarmed. This work may jar loose and release to the surface of your body-mind a lot of old suppressed energies, emotions, thoughts and memories… generally referred to as “stuff”. This “stuff” may make you feel nasty, gnarly, irritated, angry, upset, fearful, sad, depressed, tired, ashamed, grief-stricken, heart broken… the list goes on. Once this stuff arises to the surface of your awareness, it then may be released into.. and transformed by.. the Light of Spirit.

You are Not your “Stuff”
Though you may have been living with your “stuff” for a very long time, and by now it may even define who you think you are, still… you are not your “stuff”.

You don’t need to analyze, read a book about, dramatize, create a story around, or label your “stuff”. Doing any of these things is not going to make it leave you any faster. Quite the opposite – reinforcing your stuffs existence like this may make it that much harder for it to leave you and for you to leave it. In other words, doing all these things means that you are still attached to your stuff. Giving them all that energy, thought and attention is like feeding more wood to a fire you want to burn out. Just be a witness to it, that’s all. You are not the fire fighter here, just an observer. Spirit is doing the work – you just need to get out of the way.

Do not resist, act out, or fight your stuff… simply allow it to be.
With love and acceptance… it will fall away. –

I will admit that I have quite a lot of “stuff” to work through. I carry around guilt, shame, envy, and fear like nobody’s business! Just becaues I experience these emotions doesn’t mean I am those feelings. A huge part of healing is accepting what the article said above: “You are Not your “Stuff” You are the experiencer and the observer, so try not to get too attached to what you are feeling in any given moment!

Since August is the month of Allowance, I am trying to allow myself the opportunity to put down some of this heavy emotional baggage. Once the energy around that heavy emotion is cleared I can see my true inner beauty once more. It’s sort of like cleaning the dirt off of a mirror. If I don’t know it’s dirty, my reflection looks terrible; but once I start wiping away the grime I realize that my reflection is actually quite lovely!

One clearing technique I use is called Ho’oponopono. This is a powerful technique of self love and forgiveness. It also teaches you that every single person in your life is a projection of something you don’t like about yourself…SO…if you can learn to accept and love that part of yourself you will no longer have problems with that person. It promotes a sort of internal locus of control that is extremely empowering and exciting!

If Ho’oponopono isn’t for you than find something that suits your style. Every major  world religion has methods of quieting the voice of your Ego to help you connect to the healing power of the Universal Life Energy (i.e. God). When I began practicing yoga and meditation I learned about mantra chanting. I realized that praying the rosary may have a similar effect for people of the Catholic faith. Though the paths are many, they all lead back to the one true source. We are all One. Look around you, do you see your path to God? 

Understand the emotion that's coming through, then release it.

Understand the emotion that’s coming through, then release it.


You have our permission to feel and emote in any way you need.

If you are sad – you may cry.
If you are angry – you may rage.
If you are in grief – you may mourn.
If you are in fear – you may tremble.
If you are tired – you may rest.
Then finally you may allow yourself to feel
the fullness of your happiness, love and joy

Please , allow yourself the time to read this full article!

Just allow the feeling and then let it go. Allow yourself release.

Just allow the feeling and then let it go. Allow yourself release.



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