Travel Not with a Wounded Heart

Travel Not with a Wounded Heart

I carried my anger at you

like a sword in my heart

I knew if I pulled it out

I would bleed.

I didn’t bother trying to remove it.

I just left it in there.

The steely cold of the blade

chilled my blood

as it entered my weakened heart space.

The anger crossed blades with the bitterness I also kept there.

How could you be so cruel?

Don’t you care about anyone but yourself?
I silently hated you for so long.

I hoped you would learn your lesson.

I wished terribly things on you

out of my own bitterness and pain.

A third sword is kept there,

in the folds of my heart.

Fear was its name and it was a nasty blade

with a serrated edge and a blood groove.

I couldn’t stop the bleeding, even if I tried.

Fear is effective that way.

I thought I’d have to carry these three swords forever.

I thought only you could remove them.

I thought…

I thought….

and I thought…

Until one day I felt something.

A tingle. A warmth.

The sensation spread and I realized it was time.

Time to pull out the swords and begin the healing process.

An angel came to me and whispered the secret spell

that would release me from my suffering.

“Forgive them” she murmured.

I laughed.

Then, I cried.

Why had I carried this pain with me for so long?

I grabbed the hilts and one at a time I removed them…

I’m sorry.

I forgive you.

Thank you.



3 responses to “Travel Not with a Wounded Heart

    • Thank you for sharing, Mireille! I was a little nervous about posting this one. It’s not as upbeat as my usual posts…but it’s based on a real event in my life and I felt the need to share it yesterday. I toyed with telling the whole story in detail, but somehow a poem with the image of the three of swords felt more appropriate. Perhaps, deep down I knew it could resonate with others more deeply if I kept it poetic rather than specific? Anyway, it’s just nice to know that someone benefited from it. I wish you healing, forgiveness, strength and awareness! ❤

      • Kaycie sorry I just realized I hadn’t replied. I think the personal can work very well too – there’s some saying about the personal being most universal. But I enjoy your tarot card postings too and your stories!

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