Practicing Tarot with a Heart of Healing

Embrace your inner Light.

Embrace your inner Light.

“Heart of Healing”

Healing is possible
when we can gently and compassionately
go inward
and honestly
examine, explore, question and understand
who we are.

by Rita Loyd

Copyright © 2004 Rita Loyd

When I give a Tarot reading to myself or others, I try to serve as a gentle, compassionate guide to the unconscious parts of our psyches. My Intuition and my Guides help me shine light on things that have long been covered in Shadow. I am happy when I help someone understand herself better. I am joyful when I am able to guide someone through a transformational self-exploration.

The best part is looking into a querent’s eyes after the session. The transformation seems to begin immediately, all that is left is for the individual to act accordingly.

I get to see…

Confidence replace doubt.
Courage replace fear.
Excitement replace anxiety.
Joy replace apathy.
Creativity replace boredom.
Hope replace depression.
Self-love replace self-loathing.

With the right mindset and the right support any of us can learn to heal from within. I am honored to help others do so, and grateful that doing my part heals me as well.

I accept my gift and love sharing it with others!


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