The Shadow Self

The Shadow is where I hide parts of myself that I am not ready to meet. What is hidden from my conscious view remains in shadow until it meets the light of my full awareness.

I have often questioned, “Is it wise to dabble in the Shadow? Do I really want to know what is hidden there?” I have been warned that some things are kept hidden for a reason. One friend advised me not to try hypno-therapy because he was afraid I would dredge up unpleasant memories that I may not be able to handle. For most of my life I have lived by that sort of advice. I let fear of the unknown keep me from exploring.

Sadly, when left unexplored the Shadow can cause a lot of problems. If my inner world creates my outer world. then what happens when I am unconscious of most of my inner world? Who’s left driving the car? When I take a look around, I see a world of mostly unconscious people. I see how the collective Ego is behind the wheel and steering us straight toward self-destruction. Then, I look at my own life and realize I have the same patterns of self-sabotaging behavior. The precarious imbalances we are toying with globally gives me the courage to forget my fear and take back the steering wheel in my own life. I refuse to let my Ego be in charge any more. I choose to explore the hidden aspects of who I am with the intention to become more fully conscious.

But what if there are beautiful things hidden in the Shadow, too? What if I am shutting myself off from my full potential?

Of course there may be inner demons lurking in the darkness of my unconscious mind, but those demons exist whether I recognize them in myself or not. It is a far more dangerous, in my opinion, to unconsciously project these internal demons onto my external environment. This only serves to further separate me from others, and also from my true nature. If harmony, understanding and oneness is what I truly seek, how can I justify avoiding my Shadow?

Somewhere in the dark depths of my unconscious I might find an oasis of creative energy, will power and loving Spirit. The depths of my true Self, at this stage in my development are almost unimaginable, but I feel compelled to probe into my Shadow to discover these depths one-by-one. Ultimately, I hope to embrace my Shadow and continue to heal myself from within.

image "Embracing Shadow Self"

I embrace all aspects of Self, shadowed and illuminated. I embrace the illuminated Self for she is my spirit realized. I embrace the shadowed Self for she reveals to me the pain and fear still needing resolution.
by Rita Loyd

5 responses to “The Shadow Self

  1. Kaycers, Such a great post, mama. I love how you say that you will no longer let the ego run things. Lately, I have been doing this work, too. Primarily by noting how often my ego projects me into the future or back to the past instead of living in the moment. As a writer, I am obsessed with intelligence, analyzing, weighing, sifting, and naming things, but this has come at a cost. I have not lived in the present. I have not explored who I am really am and delved into my “gift”. I have lived in the constructs of the mind/ego. I have identified with mind. So, your post here just hits home so refreshingly. I also love when you wrote: “But what if there are beautiful things hidden in the Shadow, too? What if I am shutting myself off from my full potential?”. HOH-Ma-Gosh, I never thought of it like this! YES! You are so right! Why do we have to assume that there are no gifts being held in the hands of the shadow? I just love this and YOU, sister. Thank you for offering this to the world that we might explore and go deeper into all aspects of the self. XOXO

  2. Damn Lizzy, you sure know how to make a girl feel good! haha! I am glad the part about gifts being hidden in the shadow resonated with you. I just recently stumbled upon that idea on another blog. I will see if I can dig it up and share it with you. He framed it a bit differently (I hope to explore it more in the future): basically, think about a child who was raised by a very logical, stern parent. That child may have hidden her creative, artistic or dreamer self in her shadow because the father would have discouraged it. I think my recent creative spike has to do with the Shadow work i do when I read Tarot and meditate. I am excited to see what new talents I dredge up as I keep working. I just have to maintain a loving, forgiving attitude and I think I’ll be OK!
    Your support and enthusiasm keeps me motivated to explore and share what I learn. Thank you sweet, Mama!

    • Kaycers-babe, Ya, if you can dig that up, feel free to send it over. I love all of this stuff. I’m so interested in your process of working with Shadow. How does one tell that they are there? I guess you trace the steps from conscious behaviors back to their root and watch how the ego reacts? It’s so fascinating to me. I love how you combine Tarot and meditation to get to the place you need to work. You are so inspirational, honey. I just love you oodles. đŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like you need to go into the Peruvian jungle and take Ayahuasca with a Shaman. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to you about Ayahuasca before. A lot of tourists take it for a crazy trip, but when it’s done properly the experience is truly insightful and you face and take on your most hidden fears deep in the “shadow” of your consciousness. This also involves living in the jungle for a month eating a plant-only diet to purify your physical body for the Ayahuasca experience. I think the whole experience takes about 6 weeks or more. You know…if you happen to be heading towards Peru lol


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