September: The Month of Nonjudgment

I feel bad that I missed setting a public intention on the first of September. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, in a positive way. I am working on a few creative projects and learning to live more authentically. I am really enjoying myself, but having a hard time managing my time!

This month I would like to work on being less judgmental. I like to think I am a pretty open-minded and accepting person, but I still catch myself judging people based on trivial things. I saw a post by a fellow blogger that inspired me to set my intentions this month.

Be careful when judging a book by its cover.

In the post Lest Ye Be Judged blogger Diane Ridley Roberts discusses how judging others is actually a form of self-limiting behavior. She says,

When we assign a range of life potentials to one person and a different range to the next, we are actually forming a hierarchical creation construct upon which we also either intentionally or inadvertently place limits around our own life possibilities.

The entirety of her post is succinct and insightful and inspired me a great deal. I highly recommend reading it and encourage my fellow bloggers to take this month’s challenge with me. I intend to:

Stop limiting myself and others through judgment. Instead I will seek understanding and compassion. I will do my best to treat myself and others with love and acceptance.

I promise to make this my intention. If I make a mistake I will forgive myself. Guilt will only distract me from love and acceptance.

I agree with Diane when she said,

I encourage you to become more conscious and to pay attention to your thoughts.  Remember, 1) you have the power to manage what you think, and 2) your thoughts create your reality.

When you focus on positive thoughts, your world reflects your positivity back at you.

Happy September!




8 responses to “September: The Month of Nonjudgment

  1. I recently attempted to go a weekend without talking about a person who was not in my presence, not just negatively but not talking at all about anyone “behind their back.” I failed many times, but in doing so became more aware of this habit. I’ll gladly join you this month in not judging others, and the month after and the month after and so on. It’ll take lots of practice but it’ll be worth it. When I get to the point of being aware of judging and stopping myself, I’m half way there.

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