Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I believe in synchronicity. Online, synchronicity is defined as, “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” Despite the lack of a discernible causal relationship among  syncrhonistic events, I am still able to find meaning in the occurrences. The most beautiful thing about noticing meaningful coincidences is imagining my life as a giant puzzle that I am perpetually putting together to create a beautiful image. I don’t always know what the outcome will look like, but I can usually find two pieces that fit together.

Sometimes I miss the coincidences. They can be as subtle as a feather in the grass or passing a stranger who reminds you of an old friend, or they can be blatantly obvious. This morning I experienced the latter. I usually start my day by reading my daily horoscope. Today’s Scorpio horoscope said:

You take your friendships quite seriously and the New Moon’s presence in your 11th House of Social Networking reaffirms your need for meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, you can become overly anxious today about something that isn’t very significant. Don’t let your high standards turn into unrealistic demands since your drive for perfection could push others away. Instead, be more accepting now; your flexibility will ultimately strengthen the connections that matter the most.

Imagine my surprise when I flipped my calendar to today’s date and noticed this odd little coincidence:

Don't Sweat the small stuff

I write myself notes on random dates in my calendar. Sometimes I will happen upon one that I don’t even remember writing, so it feels like the message is coming from a secret guide. 🙂

Two almost identical reminders within minutes of each other. THAT is synchronicity at its best! What made me write that message on the September 5th page of my calendar? When did I write it? Why did I write it? I don’t recall those details…all I know is that the odds of these two messages appearing one right after the other is not to be ignored.

To make the most of synchronicities I begin with observation. Instead of reacting to my anxiety or unconsciously letting insignificant factors ruin my day, I can wait, watch and learn. I am more prepared to face down my anxiety armed with my good intentions. I am actually excited to explore the things that arouse anxiety in me today because I will have the opportunity to ask myself, “is this really worth worrying about?”

Perhaps I will discover that most of the things I worry about are insignificant. Perhaps I will realize that “don’t sweat the small stuff” actually means: “Don’t worry. Ever. Period.” 🙂

The next step is action. I decided that I should explore the message of the day by looking into the numerology of the number 5. Not only is today the fifth day of the month, but 5 is my life path number in my numerology chart.

I should have picked up on the influence of 5 before I even got to work. I remember seeing the clock at 5:55 this morning and thinking, “hmm… that’s interesting.” Repeated numbers on clocks and signs usually precede or represent a synchronistic event for me. When I got to work and caught on to the “don’t sweat the small stuff” message I decided I should definitely not ignore the 5s.

I found this numerology report helpful in my research:

You yearn for freedom, and self-employment attracts you powerfully. Your challenge is to settle into one area in order to cultivate your ability sufficiently to earn a living and to attain success. Once you find the niche, the motivation and inspiration you supply to others will bring you much in return. You will find your friends and colleges supporting and promoting you in the road of success. – Life Path 5

This is exciting because I am currently starting my own healing business called Joyful Lotus Holistic Health Services. My partner and I are at a very early stage, so this message was extremely motivating!

I also dug up my numerology chart and read more about my life path:

Your Life Path Number is 5
Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

Your Life Path will be composed of many paths. Change will be a recurring event throughout your life, and you will welcome these changes as gateways to new opportunities and the development of free will. With time you will become a defender of freedom. You will view the world through liberal’s eyes, and will most likely champion the causes of the world’s underdogs.

I hadn’t thought about my life path number in months. Perhaps the act of revisiting it today will help me stay cool and make the most of my day without experiencing unnecessary anxiety. My life path is about learning to embrace change, and exploring and exercising freedom. It seems that today serves as a reminder that if I don’t sweat the small stuff I will be acting in alignment with my life path, which may also help Joyful Lotus grow and expand naturally! 🙂

So…in a nutshell these are my tips for exploring synchronicity in your life:

1) Be mindful of meaningful coincidences (even if other people tell you it is silly or unrelated, synchronicity is totally subjective and personal)

2) Observe your thoughts and behavior and try not to simply react to your environment 

3) Act on your hunches and follow the string of coincidences until you find the missing puzzle piece!

I hope sharing my experiences with synchronicity is helpful to some of you! Trust in your path and let the signs guide you and you will be just fine. 😉

Enjoy putting the pieces together, but the search is half the fun!



4 responses to “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  1. Oh Kay, I loooove synchronicities, and this post just fills me with joy. You are such a pleasure to read. And, your business will thrive amazingly. I am happy you’ll be making a living out of your gift.
    Lots of loove, dear! And, right now it’s 9:25pm… another 5 😉

  2. Thanks Erika! You always make me smile! I appreciate your encouragement and support more than you know! Keep smiling and loving yourself! You are fabulous!!!

    PS 25 is a super special number to me too! haha! thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Kay, I agree with Erika, your posts are always a pleasure to read. By the way, love the idea of writing notes randomly in ones agenda. I’m going to give it a try. 🙂 Cheers Virginie

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