Dig Up Buried Treasure: Journey into Your Shadow


I have found that everything I dislike about other people, are really parts of me that I have disowned or discarded and refuse to integrate and accept.

I have written before about projecting my Shadow onto others and I realize that it is getting me nowhere fast. I have no interest in going nowhere anymore. This why I choose to love myself and do the dirty work of digging through my Shadow in order to uncover lost treasures and also deal with my demons head on.

Yes, the Shadow can be a dark, scary place, but when I am able to muster the courage to face it I am always rewarded with a more complete picture of my Self. Once a piece is rediscovered and integrated within I no longer have to deal with it externally. My relationships become more fun, playful and fulfilling. Barriers melt away. I become more free and enlightened.

I chose to love myself. ALL of my Self. That means facing what I have chosen to ignore, keep hidden, or forgotten.  In the end, I am guided by my love and compassion for others, who, like me, need some help figuring things out sometimes. This is why I share my journey with you. I hope that my words help at least one person feel more complete and expand their awareness of Self.

The Shadow

I was a couple of sentences in on Anima/Animus, before I noticed that I had forgotten the Shadow. That is the nature of this archetype, it is the receptacle for all of that which we have for one reason or another disowned. There seems to be a movement on to ‘redeem’ the Shadow, as evidenced by such books as Your Golden Shadow, but in truth there’s a great deal that’s very, very unpleasant here, since we have good reason for wanting to disown our darker natures. The avenue for an attempted redemption of the Shadow lies in the belief that everything disowned winds up here. A person who grew up in a family where level headedness prevailed and such things as art making were not given much value may discover some artistic aptitude hiding out in their shadow. There are treasures here, but they are buried in stinking muck. – Eric Pettifor


Don’t be afraid to embrace your shadow. Integrate all of your Being. Empower yourself. Empower others.



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