Accept Others As They Are

I get really irritated when someone tells me that I’m not on the right spiritual path. I find it insulting and frustrating and sometimes it even angers me depending on how they approach me. I dislike feeling judged for my beliefs just because they don’t align with the views of others, especially mainstream religions. How can they believe that their world view is the only right world view?

I saw this quote from the Dalai Lama and it really resonated with me. It made me realize that I wouldn’t feel judged for my beliefs if I wasn’t somehow judging others for theirs. After all, my external reality is a reflection of my internal reality. I must have judgment hiding somewhere in my heart in order to feel the judgment of others so acutely. Clearly I want Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc…to be more open to my beliefs which means I am not accepting them for who they are. Yes, it hurts that they think I will burn in hell for my beliefs, but that doesn’t mean I need to scoff and scorn their beliefs in return.

I want to work on being more accepting, forgiving, loving and compassionate. I want to take the Dalia Lama’s words to heart and learn be the change I wish to see in the world. This post is one small step. Let’s hope I can take many more like it!

Wish me luck, please!



15 responses to “Accept Others As They Are

  1. Who is telling you are on the wrong spiritual path? Perhaps you need to reconsider who you are hanging out with? I know that there are folks in my life who would disagree with my own path and while I respect their opinion I remain a friend and just choose to spend time elsewhere.

    • Mostly acquaintances at this point. My close friends and most of my family are extremely supportive and wonderfully open-minded. I live in a small midwest community so being openly non-Christian sometimes draws attention from people who feel I’ve been led astray….

  2. Kaycie-babe,
    Spoken like a true, open-hearted, and loving human. What a way to take full responsibility, honey. I just love how you get right to the source of it and own it. We notice in others what resonates inside of us. It’s true, but you are well on your way to rooting out judgement and healing it for yourself. This planet is so lucky to have you. By the way, my whole family was drastically Christian and I was always, well, something else. I have heard “You are going to burn in hell” from my twin sister and father more times than I can count. It’s a good thing that I, like you, came in with a backbone and a desire to paw through my own judgments. I’m getting lots of practice. šŸ™‚ Great post, honey!

    • You’re own twin sister says that!!!?? I find it flabbergasting that a religion based on the teaching of Christ (an ascended master I regard with HIGH esteem) has morphed into the judgmental and narrow-minded thing that it is today. I just don’t get it. But hey, I like what you said about having a backbone! It’s not so bad finding our own paths eh? ā¤

      MUCH love to Lizzy! I enjoy your proud (yet humble) self!!! ā¤

      • Yes, it’s true. My twin has proselytized to me for 30 + years now and constantly maligns my beliefs. I think she’s genuinely concerned for my soul and since we are feisty, passionate people, it comes out wrong. For me, I’m prone to egotism. I often respond with sarcasm or some smart-ass comment right back, but that just reveals how much more work I have to do on myself. I agree. Jesus was such a cool cat. The religion that sprung up around him and continued to morph over the 2000+ years since he’s been here is not even close to his true teachings. The same thing has happened with Brother Buddha, though Buddhism has retained much of the core teachings and light. We all have to find a way to be enough for ourselves and stop pointing at others and using them as an excuse not to be bigger, expanded beings. Plain and simple. Myself included. It’s hard work, but I love it. And, I love you, sis. ā¤

      • I love you too Sister!

        I hope you don’t mind but I felt like drawing a Tarot card and practicing my skillzz…I asked the cards what you can do to better handle your sister’s/family’s proselytizing. The card I drew was the Wheel of Fortune. To see it and read more about it check out my favorite Tarot site:

        Here is my interpretation of how it can help you reflect on your situation, honey…Just be yourself and roll with the punches. Your sis is maybe never going to stop pushing your spiritual buttons. The thing to remember is that what goes around comes around. You don’t have to push hers back, because so long as she is so insecure in her own beliefs that she has to push others into them she’s never going to find peace. You deserve peace and can transcend this wheel of constant back and forth “No MY beliefs are better!” “No MINE are” because deep down you recognize that this whole shenanigans is an Ego game meant to distract you from the peace inherent to your Being and the Purpose of your soul.

        I hope you don’t mind me doing this impromptu reading. It keeps my intuitions sharp! I also hope you found it helpful ā¤

      • This is AWESOME! I absolutely love, love, love that you felt the urge to pull a card and did this on my behalf, sister. I am moved to tears right now because of how spirit works for us and how we are all a conduit for higher awareness and love. I’m so truly appreciative, sister. Tears are just streaming down my cheeks right now! THANK YOU, Kayce. THANK YOU, guides. THANK YOU, Source-energy. You are all so right on! THIS is the message that my soul was craving. “Be enough for yourself, Lizzy, stay in your truth and happiness and when you can’t, know that the loving universe will send you a loving sister or brother to help.” Ahhhh…this is soooo gooood! Thank you, again, Kaycers. You have so lifted me up and I’m feeling jubilant and honored. Love, love, love, love, love to you, honey.

      • WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

        Yes many thanks to our Guides and Angels. I felt moved to do this and now you’ve given me a total energy boost with your enthusiastic acceptance of what I shared. We both needed the message that the Wheel had to offer. Let’s roll with it, honey!! ā¤ ā¤

      • Oh, honey! I went to the site that you suggested and read the whole entry for Wheel of Fortune….oh, mama. It’s SOOOOO amazing and so what I needed in other areas of my life, too. The beauty and miracles just keep coming from this post of yours, your sweet energy, and willingness to help a sista out. I’m going to buy Brigit’s Tarot program. Woop! You are an angel, Kaycers. Pure and simple. XOXO Your friend forever, Lizzy.

      • That’s awesome! Brigit has really helped me develop my Tarot skills. Please contact me if you ever want a full reading! I haven’t had many online customers yet!! Things are doing well locally though! Also let me know how you like Brigit’s program, I never bought it, but I’ve done some of her webinars and they are FAB!

  3. Did I just see that you do Tarot card readings?!!! You really were meant to find me! No. i don’t read cards, but I’m fascinated by them and what they stand for. I haven’t had a reading in almost 2 decades. Anyhow, about your post. It’s great to hear that the people that matter most in your life are A-Ok with your spiritual path. As for the rest, well, as long as they have something to believe and stick their noses into that, then so be it. Send them a good ju ju and that’s that. šŸ˜‰

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