Leaving Something Good, To Seek Something Great



Escapism, disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal, leave-takings

The character in this scene is walking away from eight cups and it appears she is moving towards a mountain. What can we make of this image?

I believe that the cups represent things in the woman’s life that once provided her with what she needed, but are no longer fulfilling her spiritually. Rather than hanging around until all the cups are empty or spilled or even knocked over by an external force, she is moving on. She is making her way over rough terrain to a mountain where she hopes to find peace and quiet, a place to rest and reflect. In the mountains she knows she will be able to gain a higher perspective. She feels a sense of loss and disappointment at needing to move on, but also a yearning to experience the peace of letting go of her material wealth in exchange for something more meaningful.

Have you ever had a sense that the end was near? What did you do when you felt it? Did you walk away or hang around until everything fell apart? This card is about taking steps towards change before the present situation crumbles. It is a difficult process, but once you start walking that path alone a sense of freedom and serenity overtakes you.

We all need some time to withdraw into ourselves. Being alone for periods of time allows us to get a sense of who we really are and what we really want. All too often we play the roles that others expect of us…or worse, we play the roles we think others expect of us. Either way we are not being true to who we are.

Don’t be afraid to walk away sometimes. Escape into the stillness of your Self and get a feel for what you truly want your life to look like. When you return the things that you really need will be waiting for you and the things you didn’t need will be gone.

Follow your natural instincts. Allow your intuition to guide you. You are always safe. You are always loved.




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