The Wisdom of the Hermit

But I’ll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything. – Alan Watts

The Hermit’s wisdom comes from his penchant for solitude. Though he is alone, he is not lonely. By removing himself from society and the company of others he has the ability to see himself clearly. He understands that everything and everyone is connected and thus he is never truly alone.

I am drawn to the Hermit because like many ENFP personality types I spend an inordinate amount of time surrounded by other people. When I do finally give myself some alone time I am amazed at how content I become. It is nice to be able to let my guard down, relax and explore what truly matters to me.

When I meditate with this card I think about how important it is to know who I am and what matters to me. It reminds me to stop worrying about what other people think and to live by my own standards. When I look at his lantern it reminds me that I too have an inner light that I can use to guide my steps.

The Hermit also reminds me to listen to those wiser than I. A friend of my Dad’s, whom we call Uncle Gene, is a bonafide hermit who lives in a small trailer in the country. He is almost entirely self-sufficient and his knowledge of nature and humanity is profound. His inner light guides him, but also attract myself and others. We seek his knowledge, strength, confidence and wisdom. There is much to be learned from the Hermits of the world.

May you walk in peace and solitude and find your connection to spirit in the depths of your own Being.
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4 responses to “The Wisdom of the Hermit

  1. It’s a lovely sunny autumn day here and we are out in the garden, just chilling, reading, writing, surfing. This was just perfect for the setting – I do so enjoy moments of solitude, that space where everything seems so clear and straightforward – have shared this many thanks – Namaste x

  2. I love this and what a great time to come across it as I sit here and feel so good going into a hermit state again I was almost doubting myself for doing it but I feel so content and at ease so I said to myself this just must be what is meant for me at this moment, trying to hold no judgement on it. I love bein alone I find that my mind chatter settles and confliction in my heart eases when I am alone. The peace of being alone amazes me at times I wish for others to take some time and be alone too so soothing for the soul. Thanks for sharing insightful for me at the moment and reiterates that it is ok to be a hermit at times!

    • Glad that it found you when it did, Corinne! Solitude has innumerable benefits, especially if you can use that time to clear your thoughts of negativity and really relax into your true state of Being… a state of perfect balance and harmony. Yesterday, I found myself all alone for the afternoon and used that time to clear my living room of clutter, reorganize my altar and play some uplifting music! I ended up dancing in candlelight all by myself. It’s wonderful what can occur when you don’t care about how others see you!! 🙂

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