November: The Month of Gratitude

This time of year always seems to make me feel like becoming a hermit. Perhaps it is the sudden plunge into darkness around 5:00 pm or the crisp wind that chills me to the bone, but I just don’t have much energy once Autumn is in full swing. About mid-way through October I started feeling moody and even a bit melancholy. I don’t really have anything to be down-in-the-dumps about, but yet I have been feeling heavy and slow, as if I am absorbing the energy of the weather around me.

I chose gratitude as this month’s theme in order to balance these dense energies I am feeling with something light and buoyant (I could have called it the month of Thanksgiving, but that would be too obvious...) I have written about gratitude and other healing energies before. There is definitely something restorative about counting your blessings daily. When I feel one of my dark spells coming on I try to immediately begin listing what I am grateful for. It acts as a shield against any negative mood that might assail me. 

Gratitude ~ This is a powerhouse energy, in and of itself. When you adopt this one as your daily companion, it’s difficult for you to be shut down. Finding gratitude for what you have, who you know, and who you are, including gratitude for your body – can help you to see the bigger picture and greater possibilities. See it, and it can become yours. – 10 Energies for Self Healing

This month, rather than waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around, try being grateful everyday. Keep a journal, write a blog post, send an email to people you appreciate, just try to keep a daily mental focus on the parts of your life that you can be grateful for.

My goal is to start each day with the Bathing in Love and Gratitude meditation below. Afterwards, I will then write down at least 3 things I am grateful for that day. I believe it will help me stay mentally positive, joyful and at peace throughout the month of November. I hope you will join me and find your own way of making gratitude a part of your daily life.

Today I sat with my singing bowl and the rosary my dear friend Cara recently gifted me. I rang the bell and paced my breath by moving my fingers from bead to bead. After about 40 or so beads I sat quietly and allowed feelings of love and gratitude to wash over me. I found myself trying to resist, but once I gave in I felt at peace. After my meditation I laid down on the floor and stretched my body. It felt good to give myself this time. I am looking forward to giving myself at least 10 minutes for this gratitude meditation every day this month.

Here is what I recorded in my gratitude journal today:

I am grateful for the love I share with my husband Erich.

I am grateful for my Mother who cherishes me.

I am grateful for my dog Ollie and his loving obedience and loyalty.

I am grateful for my ability and desire to learn new things everyday.

I am grateful for my blog and the WordPress community for giving me an outlet and a support network.

In love and gratitude,


10 responses to “November: The Month of Gratitude

  1. Best thing I’ve read in a long while. I am so grateful that you wrote this! Today I begin a new daily practice. Thank you and blessings to you and your family.

  2. My Cherished Daughter:

    I am moved for obvious reasons, but I am most moved by your use of “Kay” to sign off. It’s a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.

    I’ve always cited Autumn as my favorite season. I love the crispness in the air; the bustling, rustling noises of the falling leaves; the unrivaled color palette painted by deciduous trees and bright blue skies. Take your favorite sweaters out of storage; toss a football around! I love the fact that nature is preparing for a restorative slumber. It’s followed by the quiet stillness of a winter snowfall. Peace.

    I’m thankful I am now living in a location where I can once again enjoy 4 distinct seasons. I have zero regrets about the life I left behind in Washington, but I find more about Oregon to love every day. Yes, indeed… I am in a good place, and I am grateful!

    • Mama Llama Lips,

      It is always a gift when you stop by and read my posts. As soon as I sat down to meditate thoughts of you popped into my head. The way I imagine you looked at me when I was a baby, and how you probably still see me that way some times, even when I feel there is nothing lovable about me your unconditional love is always there to remind me I’m just being emo. Hehe. I love you! Thanks for sharing your insights about the seasons. I too enjoy the fall at times…but I do struggle without the sun and warmth! ❤ Lovesies.

      (Yes I like signing my name this way in honor of Grandma and to signify the transformation that has taken place in my spiritual life in the past year or so. I see myself as a new version of myself and the pseudonym suits me on my blog, I think)

  3. Kay, I also had struggles with decreasing sunlight. But I look at it now as a gift. The problem pushed me forward in looking at things in another light. I love your mother’s above comment. And thanks for the idea of the rosary. I will bring out mine. I have at least 3, all gifts.

    • Hafong,

      Though I am not Catholic, I do find some comfort in using the Rosary for meditation. I believe in the power of forgiveness and love that Christ embodied so I like to incorporate elements of Christianity into my spiritual practices. Thank you for reminding me to see the darkness as a gift. I do enjoy snuggling up in my home with my family and enjoying peaceful evenings indoors. I shall do my best to see this peaceful time as a retreat and a gift.


  4. LOVE this, Kay my love 🙂 !!!!! I am happy I inspire you. I must tell you, you inspire me every single day. Amongst my things to be grateful for, your friendship is an important one. I am grateful for you, always. Lots of love, babyyy! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. I wish Gratitude November could become a national movement! Wouldn’t that — so simple — start to change the world?

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