Shout Out to My Roots!

My inner circle is my root system.

In plants, the function of the root system is to support and nourish the plant so that it can grow and carry out its life cycle, its purpose. The root system can be studied and dissected, but it is ultimately a part of the greater organism. What is good for the root system is also good for the plant, and vice versa. The two need one another in order to exist, and in essence cannot truly be separated. 

In some trees, the roots can spread 2 to 3 times as far as the branches. I like to imagine that the tree uses its roots to hug and hold onto the Earth in a life giving embrace. The tree and soil sharing energy and nourishing one another. A beautiful example of cooperation and coexistence. 

In human beings, relationships, especially the meaningful, close ones serve a similar function. My root system spreads from the East to the West Coasts and includes large parts of the Midwest and the deep South. Each person represents a part of me that makes me feel supported and nourished. When we visit we can feel “at home” no matter where we are and the feeling of safety and comfort follows us from location to location. These are the people that only need think about to feel their energy. Their love is always with me, whether they are near or far…even death has yet to separate me from my strongest roots. I can receive life-giving energy from my root system that transcends both space and time. 

I am blessed to have a strong, expansive root system. I am so grateful for every part of me that I have found in all of them, because the love I see reflecting back at me gives me the energy I need to always be a better version of myself. 

Happy Holidays and thank you to all the people who share their love with me.  You inspire me! 



10 responses to “Shout Out to My Roots!

  1. I’m so glad you were able to experience the summer of 2001 acquainting yourself with those east coast roots, which extend further to Germany and Eastern Europe. I wish I was able to expose your brothers more to that environment… maybe they’d understand my zaniness better!

    I still get a lump in my throat whenever you sign these posts as simply “Kay”. I miss your grandmother every day.

    Much love to you, my darling daughter, now and always.

  2. Beautiful comeback, Kay. I loved this post as much as I love your blog. You always deliver. Thanks for being part of my roots. Love you. Welcome back 😉

    • Michelle, you had to know I wrote this with your pretty face in mind. I am so lucky to have such strong, supportive roots in so many wonderful locations. I am always at home when I am with you!! Even if it’s just chilling on Skype for a little while ❤

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