MC Yogi at TEDx

If you haven’t heard any of MC Yogi’s music, I recommend treating yourself. He is more than an artist, I view him as a teacher. The song featured in this Ted Talk is called “Be the Change.” It is about the life and work of Ghandi and is a powerful piece of work. It’s also really catchy! I hope you enjoy it!



PS Has anyone ever taken a vow of silence? If so, for how long? How often? What did you learn/discover about yourself and your relationships?

One response to “MC Yogi at TEDx

  1. Thanks for sharing, Kay! I loved this talk! I even took notes πŸ™‚
    I wanna share something:
    Yesterday I went out dancing with some friends. Dancing is something I love doing but going to the hip, cool places kind of bothers me. BUT yesterday I decided to prepare myself and “predict” how the night was going to turn out. I wrote down the scenario I was going to experience and guess what? It all turned out amazingly well! You could say I provoked a synchronicity. I wrote down that we would get in quickly, that we would all be happy dancing, and the night pretty much followed my script πŸ™‚ Talk about synchronising the mind! I only need to listen to myself more.
    Lots of love, dear!

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