Inner Alchemy: A Bridge Between Worlds

Learn to be a catalyst and to empathize to promote harmonious change and the evolution of our species.

Desultory Heroics


At Waking Times, Chris Bourne offers insights on the role of inner alchemy in the integration of an emerging “new world” and new paradigms to the reality of day-to-day life. He describes how the tactile, empathic, diplomatic aspect of the soul, by “intuiting and feeling the flow of ‘rightness’ in any given situation, yet molding and blending it into this material world”, can enable one to acknowledge and honor the subjective truth of others without compromising one’s integrity.

Inner alchemy, as Bourne defines it, is driven by spiritual awakening and resultant realization that our current world is out of balance with nature and out of synch with the natural flow of the universe. This leads to a compulsion to ‘be the change’ and involves “expressing your truth in every moment, not just with words, but in every physical, emotional and mental action that you take.” In other words, “Right…

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