Sunday Photo Fiction: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow


The sun rose that morning the way it always did. The contractions had started around 5:00 am so she was already awake when the warm sunlight began to pour in through the windows. Part of her wanted to enjoy the spectacle. She usually snoozed through the first few rounds with her alarm clock and did not often rise early enough to see the Sun making its first appearance.

I should wake up earlier.The thought only briefly distracted her from the pain in her midsection . The next wave of pain caught her off guard and she began to moan and cry softly. Why is this happening to me?She felt anger and frustration rising inside her. The sky seemed to mirror her emotions by turning a brilliant red as the Sun continued its ascent.

Her husband came out of the bedroom rubbing sleep out of his eyes. “Babe? You okay?” he asked, as a rare expression of worry flashed across his normally cheerful face. “It’s happening,” she told him with a sob. She curled back into child’s pose and tried to breathe evenly.

At around 7:00 am she began to hemorrhage. He helped her to the shower and stood by helplessly as she watched the blood and water mix with her tears and swirl down the drain. Goodbye little one. She bore the pain for as long as she could stand and then consented to let her husband take her to the hospital for an emergency D&C.

When it was all over they held each other and quietly looked out the living room window. It was a beautiful sunny day outside. To the young couple it felt like a promise. Hope shined down from above, all was not lost. The Sun would rise again and again. New opportunities would surely rise with it.

13 responses to “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

  1. Can’t believe that was a year ago. Life’s ups and downs can be so bittersweet. I’m glad you found hope, the light in the dark, and that you’re one of the most positive people I know. Lovesies!!!

    • Bittersweet indeed. I feel humbled and joyful with each little kick these days. Thanks for being there for me and always believing in me. Love you Kindred Spirit!

  2. Well written if sad. I know how your characters feel as I too lost my first pregnancy but that was more than 17 years ago and I have a beautiful teenage daughter to show for my continued hope.

    • Thank you for sharing. I truly believe things happen for a reason. Our miscarriage was a turning point for me spiritually and emotionally. I am stronger, wiser and braver now and due in May! Love to you and your babies! Thank you for reading my piece.

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