Trouble Getting the Words Out…

Words are hard.

Lately it has been more difficult than usual to find the right words to express my feelings. Perhaps its the pregnancy hormones, or the knowledge that my whole life is going to be transformed by this tiny life growing inside of me. The reason may not even be important. The fact is that for some time now blogging and journaling have become a struggle. It used to be so easy…the words would just flow out of me and afterwards I would feel so much better.

I am considering the possibility that I need a new process for self expression. When I told a friend about my problem expressing myself today her response made me smile. She said, “art is easier, its just colors, and I think in colors, so it’s easier.” It lead me to the question, what do I think in? How does my mind work and how can I work through my emotions and negative thoughts in a healthy way? My friend’s answer is important because she kept it simple. I tend to over-complicate and over-think things…

So this is my first step…keeping it simple. Just letting words flow and expressing my thoughts out loud. It may not be the most excellent post I’ve ever written, but at least I’m writing again! I’m hoping this is the beginning of a snowball and maybe I’ll be able to keep it rolling!

Wish me luck please and feel free to offer advice! ❤





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