Resistance and Suffering: Learning to Surrender and Go with the Flow

While taking out the trash this afternoon I noticed a strange thing. A piece of black string was floating in the middle of the driveway. It was stuck to the rocks so I loosed it and began to follow it, curious as to where it was dangling from. As I pulled I noticed it was very long and stretched all the way to a  tree in the yard. As I tugged and followed the the thread I finally saw where it was coming from.

At the top of the tree was a bird carcass. The poor thing was tangled in the thread and hanging upside down. It looked as if it may have been there for a day or so. It was slightly petrified. I stood and gawked at it for a moment or two. Why did I follow this stupid string? I wondered as the “ick-factor” kicked in. Then I thought of a good friend of mine who had recently told me she wanted to get a tattoo of a dead bird. She owns a really cool Tarot deck called the Wild Unkown and the Death card is represented by the skeleton of a bird.


We had discussed why she felt this was an appropriate symbol for her. She admitted that she finds this image somewhat beautiful. She also confessed feeling worried about what others would think if she were to get a tattoo of it. My thoughts immediately jumped to that conversation as I stared up at the small bird dangling above my head. This image of this card flashing in my mind.

struggling bird

Signs this obvious are hard for me to ignore. I began reflecting on the last few days or so. Things have been fairly busy, stressful and chaotic. People all around me are struggling – losing things and feeling overly anxious. I myself experienced a dose of anxiety this morning after I convinced myself I lost some concert tickets for this evening. I felt the pull of a “bad mood” coming on as every tiny thing started to get under my skin. I couldn’t think straight and I began to feel like all was lost…

I see this in clients, friends and family so often. Falling into a pit of despair, anxiety, frustration or anger. Once we’ve decided that something isn’t going our way we start lose self control, composure and good judgment. We make rash decisions and flail about in ways that make the situation even worse. This poor little bird spent his last few hours struggling and fighting this string, when perhaps all he needed to do was slow his heart rate, relax his body and find a way to slip out of the knot he had made.

bird string

We create our own knots and tethers. Relax and free yourself.

As soon as I took some time to meditate and administer some self Reiki this morning I began to feel better. I realized that if the tickets were gone, I would just have to accept not going to the concert. Once I realized I could handle that I began to relax immensely and within an hour of my meditation I found my tickets. When I surrendered the solution came with ease.

The key to your own freedom and inner peace is within reach. You don’t have to wait for something in your external world to change to feel more balanced, safe and at ease – you just need to stop struggling and resisting. Accept where you are and look more carefully at where you can go from here. Things are usually not as bad as they seem. Trust in the Universe. Allow your intuition to guide you. You are capable of overcoming any obstacle. I believe in you, so please believe in yourself.

You hold the Key.

You hold the Key.

Dear Ones, let us tell you that if you are feeling uncomfortable, you are in resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the discomfort. The discomfort serves a great purpose. Once a human has become too uncomfortable to stay the same, they will embrace movement. The antidote for resistance is always surrender and flow. But do you see? You need not make your growth a path of resistance/pain/movement. You can avoid all that struggle by consciously choosing to embrace the flow. Let go of that old mantra, “no pain, no gain”. You may wish to replace it with flow, grow, glow!

~ Archangel Gabriel

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5 responses to “Resistance and Suffering: Learning to Surrender and Go with the Flow

  1. I have definitely been feeling the discomfort lately, like a lot of things I’m working on but nothing has happened yet. Maybe they are about to happen. It’s always the question of when to push and when to let go. But being in the flow is the state I prefer. Thank you for your insights!

    • Mireille, Thank you for leaving a comment. I found this the other day and I found it helpful. I hope these words inspire you as they did me!

      “Focusing on what you like supports flow in your life. Focusing on what you do not like creates resistance, and blocks the flow. One feels wonderful and holds everything you wish to experience for yourself, the other discomfort and stagnation. Which do you choose?”
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      • I love that! And yes when my life is flowing I am focusing on what I like, it’s true. It’s when those doubts come in that we have to get back to focusing on what we like. I think I will write a post on this next. Thanks xxx

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