Learn to Say Yes to the Life You Desire


The wizard lives in a state of knowingness. This knowingness orchestrates its own fulfillment.

The field of awareness organizes itself around your intentions.

Knowledge and intentions are forces. What you intend changes the field in your favor.

Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.

The wizard does not try to solve the mystery of life.

He is here to live it. 

~ The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Life Lessons for Creating the Life You Want

by Deepak Chopra

Way of the Wizard

I”m really enjoying my journey of self-discovery. Every so often I am aided by an eye opening book. Right now it is The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Life Lessons for Creating the Life You Want by Deepak Chopra. This book has captured both my rational mind and my imagination in a way I never thought possible. Chopra uses stories about Merlin, the Wizard, and his mortal pupil, Arthur, to assist the rational mind in understanding the mystical “way of the Wizard.”

The lesson above struck me particularly deep. As a professional Tarot reader and holistic healer I get a unique glimpse of the anxieties and obstacles others face in their own journeys of growth and enlightenment. So many of us struggle with the mindset that we “can’t” do or have something we want. This is a problem only mortals face – because in situations where we say “no, I can’t” the Wizard says, “why not?” and ultimately “Yes! I can!.”

Where does the tendency to say “no” come from? Why do we limit ourselves and fill our minds with conflicting beliefs and desires? Often we want to be a certain way, but at the same time we doubt our ability to do so. This sends a muddled message to the Field of Awareness. The Universe hears both intentions as requests and thus we create a reality in which neither is completely true or false. When we send mixed signals, we get undesirable results.

The Wizard is different. The messages he sends are crystal clear. We call it magic, or spells, but what is really happening is that the Wizard backs his words with intentions and knowledge and lets go of any conflicting messages. When a Wizard says, “I want to create a fire” he does not worry about where to find a match, how wet the wood may be or how windy it is. He simply knows he will create a fire, and immediately the Universe conspires to help him manifest this reality.

Some of you may scoff at this. That’s ridiculous, that’s not how things work! Isn’t it though? You have to admit that there have been times in your life where certain things just happen to work out in your favor. A particular friend calls exactly when you need to hear her voice. A job opportunity arises when you need it most and seems to be handed to you without much effort on your part. These coincidences are examples of desires being fulfilled. We have convinced ourselves of the truth in the phrase “No pain, No gain” as if every single good thing in our lives must require some sort of sacrifice. The Wizard believes exactly the opposite. For the Wizard ease is part of the process. When you clear the field of our anxieties, attachments, doubts and fears life becomes an effortless flow.

Think about this for a moment,

The problem is that words carry psychological meanings too. It is through words that parents make children feel good or bad, right or wrong. The most powerful expressions anyone can use are yes and no. The effect of these two syllables is to build boundaries or break them down. Everything you think you can do has a yes buried somewhere inside it, usually uttered by a parent or teacher in the distant past. Everything you think you cannot do has a no buried in it, from the same sources.”

The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Life Lessons for Creating the Life You Want

What are you saying No to right now? Is it a career or field you would like to enter but believe you don’t have the skills or resources to achieve? Do you want to be a more open, loving person but feel as if you are too scarred by past relationships to allow yourself to be vulnerable again? These are beliefs that you are holding onto because at some point, long ago, you accepted a “no” and made it your reality.

The Wizard would use words to say yes to things we have been taught to say no to. Instead of allowing words to box him in, the Wizard would use words to help him expand. Be mindful of the words you are using, both internally and aloud. Replace negative, limiting words with positive, expansive words. Turn “can’t” into “can”. Turn “what if” into when.

Here are some examples of turning negative affirmations into positive affirmations:

Negative: I can’t let go of this anger. I was wronged and I was damaged by another person. I won’t forgive them because the pain is too great.

Positive: I can and I will let go of my anger. I am already letting go. It feels good to let go. I am becoming a kinder, more gentle person. I am always improving. I can forgive anything because I know that forgiveness makes me feel lighter and happier. I will not carry the weight of my anger with me forever because I do not deserve to suffer this injustice any longer.

At first the words may not feel true to you. Your Ego will try to hang on to the limiting attitudes of the negative words. Over time prayer and affirmation can give rise to truly expansive experiences. As we repeat the words backed by the power of our intention and our knowledge of what the words mean we will carry the truth of those words into our reality.

Take time to recite positive affirmations or prayers aloud whenever you catch yourself thinking in a negative, self-limiting way. If this seems too difficult right now, that’s OK! Simply notice the limiting thoughts. Recognize what you are saying no. The subtle act of observing our thoughts is a powerful step and will help us purify the mind of its long-held, limiting beliefs. It is not easy to admit that you are filled with denial, conflict, mixed intentions, shame, guilt and a multitude of other confusing energies that prevent you from seeing the reality of what is. Once the process of observing the mind has begun, however, unearthing these dark, unconscious forces becomes easier and more freeing. With focus and clarity of intention you too can become like the Wizard and send clear signals to the Field of Awareness.

“In truth, none of the mind’s darkness is sin. “Always remember,” Merlin cautioned the boy Arthur, “God does not judge, only the mind does.” Having all your heartfelt wishes come true is what God wants for each person; it is our natural state as creators of our own reality.

Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Life Lessons for Creating the Life You Want




3 responses to “Learn to Say Yes to the Life You Desire

  1. This post is absolutely delicious, Kaycers and so right on! Call it “Wizard” or “Law of Attraction” or whatever, every facet of life is created by the ones doing the creating.

    Thoughts are things. Thoughts shape the very molecules of matter in us and around us, all of it. We literally create our lives, the good, the pleasing, the horrible, the heartbreaking down to the minutest details.

    We are God and many, many of us don’t even realize it. We persistently and consistently shove our responsibility off on others and expect others to make us happy when it’s an inside job and solely up to each and every one of us to be happy despite circumstances and others’ behaviors.

    The good news is that it’s shifting. Mankind will get there. I see signs of the change every day and it lifts my heart to think that we will begin to embrace who we really are (at our core) and act from that place of knowing, power, compassion, and responsibility.

    It’s delicious to be on this planet with you, sis. Thank you for this thought-provoking post. ❤ you!

    • I see the signs too and I have hope and faith in our species to evolve into the creative Beings we are truly meant to be. It’s an exciting time to be alive and we are here together for a reason! Much love. Keep on keepin on ❤

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