Clues from a Caterpillar

Out of the corner of my eye I notice a tiny green spot descending from a large Oak Tree. The caterpillar floats in midair, defying gravity, slowly making her way to the Earth below. She has no fear. She hangs from the end of her silky thread, confident in her own ability to reach her destination. At times she hovers in the same spot as the breeze picks up and seems to blow her off course. She does not seem disturbed by the movement and she is in no hurry.

Behind her the Woods are alive with the movement and voices of a variety of birds. I wonder if she is afraid one will spot her and try to eat her. I watch and listen. The birds and the caterpillar go about their business, neither one disturbing the other. I notice I am holding my breath. I let go a deep sigh and relax my shoulders. I am sure this caterpillar is meant to make it to her destination.

Minutes later she reaches the ground. Perched on a single blade of grass I can barely see her anymore. I feel a wave of happiness and peace wash through me. Nice job and thank you for showing me how it’s done.

green caterpillar

Caterpillars are associated with good luck and new birth.  In the second stage of metamorphosis the caterpillar feeds to gain strength and build a foundation before the cocooning stage begins.  This stage is when we give birth to new ideas and new creativity which hones the foundation to allow a new expression of life. The caterpillar represents new birth and new foundation and is a symbol of good luck in the early phase of new actions.

Caterpillars usually signify a need for gentle and quiet approaches to our activities and endeavors. They can also signal a surprise or gift about to be offered to us, or that can be beneficial to our future if we take advantage of it. Caterpillars herald a time of good news, new birth, and creative inspiration, signaling a time to get ready to start a new project or initiate a new endeavors.

The appearance of the caterpillar reminds us to be cautious in starting our new endeavors.  We should protect and disguise them as much as possible as we pursue them. If we do so, we will see rapid growth and we will experience the birth of a new foundation.

Caterpillars can also indicate obstacles within our path. They may even indicate that a person or persons are blocking our growth or serve as a reminder that we must look at things and people around us realistically at this time. Failure to do so will slow down our progress.

And caterpillar also reminds us that new growth cannot occur unless the old is shed as the caterpillar grows quickly and must replace its skills with some caterpillars shedding their skins every few days to make room for a bigger body. A caterpillar showing up may indicate that we are refusing to shed the old that we have outgrown.  (Andrews, 1999)




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