Halloween Tarot Spread

Hey Guys! It’s been a while since I last posted. Things have been busy, I am a new Mom (which is AMAZING!) and I am also trying to steer my business, Joyful Lotus Holistic Healing Services, in a new direction! I am now posting weekly readings on my brand new Youtube Channel! This month I thought it would be fun to offer Halloween themed readings. Last year someone gave me a really cool Halloween Tarot deck illustrated by Kipling West. I absolutely LOVE the artwork and attention to detail. I also appreciate how closely it matches my Rider Waite deck, which makes for quick learning! I immediately felt comfortable doing readings for myself and others with this deck.

Halloween TarotBack Halloween Tarot

I also invented my own Halloween spread to use with these cards. Here’s a quick overview:

Card 1: How am I tricking myself in the present?

Card 2: What ghosts haunt my past?

Card 3: How can I treat myself better in the future?

Card 4: What “monsters” lurk in the shadows?

How to Use the Spread (sample reading)

On my site you’ll see 4 cards that correspond to the four questions above. The key to a “good” Tarot reading (I use the value judgment loosely here because “good” and “bad” are such subjective words in the world of Tarot) is not only interpreting the cards individually, but make correlations among the cards as well. Let me show you how I would interpret the 4 sample cards on my website. I will begin with a brief interpretation of each card. Then, I will summarize the reading, showing the relationships among the cards.

Card 1: The 9 of Pumpkins

9 of pumpkins

How am I tricking myself?

This card refers to the present, and possibly points to a denial of pleasures. If you worked hard to achieve recognition, wealth or prosperity or simply some alone time, why not stop to enjoy it? You might be tricking yourself into believing that you don’t deserve the good things that have come your way. Perhaps you have tricked yourself into believing you don’t like being alone. Maybe you are holding on to the limiting belief that money and wealth are “evil” or “bad” and therefore won’t allow abundance to flow freely into your life. The 9 of Pumpkins shows a woman who has achieved a comfortable life style and doesn’t feel guilty about indulging herself a little. She allows herself a relaxing stroll through her pumpkin patch with her trusty pet owl to remind her of the Truth: that she deserves to be happy and enjoy the abundance in her life.

Card 2: The Magician

What Ghosts haunt my past?

What Ghosts haunt my past?

Our perceived limitations can be frustrating and annoying…but far more terrifying is our innate POWER. You are afraid of unleashing your full potential. You may have a latent fear of failure that keeps your from really trying your best at things, or keeps you from pursuing your dreams. This particular “ghost” of your past probably comes from people reminding you what is possible and what is impossible. You have absorbed the limiting beliefs and fears of your parents, teachers, and peers. Don’t get me wrong, they had good intentions, but nonetheless they have filled your head with a whole lot of nonsense that keeps your true potential tucked away somewhere deep inside.

Card 3: The Fool

How can I treat myself better in the future?

How can I treat myself better in the future?

Be whimsical! Feel inspired! Cast doubt aside and take a leap of faith! The Fool (depicted here as a clown juggling celestial bodies) encourages you to see life as your playground. We live in a recreational Universe, full of opportunities to learn, grow and enjoy ourselves. Life is too short to be cautious and afraid ALL of the time. Take a chance on something you are passionate about. Go whole hog on a project you have been putting off. Take that trip you have always wanted to take. Do the things that you want to do and stop letting your fear make your decisions for you!

Card 4: Ace of Pumpkins

What "Monsters" lurk in the Shadows?

What “Monsters” lurk in the Shadows?

The “shadows’ refers to the unconscious part of your mind. In the unconscious mind we hide the darker more threatening aspects of our Self. It is full of the things about ourselves that we can’t or don’t want to face right now. Unfortunately, beautiful gems also get hidden in our unconscious mind. Sparkly aspects of ourselves that shine bright and ignite our enthusiasm and passions. These sometimes get tucked away in the unconscious because they are in their own way frightening to us. Much like the message of Card 2, the Magician, you seem to be afraid of unlocking your own potential. Once you admit to yourself that you have certain powers and abilities it will be hard to deny them any longer. The Ace of Pumpkins IS this part of you. It is pure potential being offered up by your unconscious mind. If you choose to accept it you will then have to make the choice of putting it to use or not. NOT putting it to use can be dangerous, painful and very frustrating (have you seen the movie Frozen? It’s kind of like that! Denying your powers sucks!). On the flip side, putting your powers to use requires focus, commitment and self control. Either way you are going to be a little bit uncomfortable for a while…but then again growth feels that way!


This spread is asking you to stop denying yourself the life you really want to lead. The 9 of Pumpkins is your present denial of a fulfilling career, relationship, lifestyle..etc. The Magician is your learned behavior of hiding your full potential (somewhere in your childhood someone told you that what you wanted most was silly or impractical so you gave up on pursuing your dream). The Fool is your ticket OUT. All you have to do is take a chance on yourself and things will change. Change is uncomfortable and even scary for some people, but wouldn’t that be better than feeling stuck and miserable all the time? Finally, the Ace of Pumpkins urges you to accept what is being offered to you from your inner depths. It is almost screaming “HERE! The solution to all your dissatisfaction! Take it! Make it manifest! Make it so!” What are you waiting for? Why not grab it?


If you are new to Tarot and have questions about how/why I interpretted the cards the way I did I LOVE talking about it, so please leave comments below. If you are interested in getting a personalized reading like this please connect with me via my website! I hope you enjoyed this reading!

Peace and Namaste,


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