Are You Creating Your Own Suffering?

Suffering happens when you resist life. When you avoid accepting things as they are and instead wish them to be different. When you spend most of your time and energy thinking about, talking about or worrying about the things that are bothering you (poor health, finances, etc…) you are actually perpetuating those things.

What you resist persists.

What if you could just relax and be happy no matter what’s happening to you whether it’s positive or negative? What if you could spend your energy feeling hopeful, inspired and excited about life?

You can do this. 

How? By releasing the need to control life. It is your repeated attempts to control and force the flow of life that causes your inner pain and frustration. Just let it go and surrender to the moment. In this moment, here and now, everything can change. This is the very moment in which healing starts. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let go of your desire to be in control. Accept things as they are. Embrace the flow of life and let yourself be carried away by it. Go with the pull of life.

I love you. You can do this.



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