Numbers Rule the Universe

This is quite possibly one of the best descriptions of Numerology I’ve seen. Thank you Katherine!

Kathleen Lamoureux


Two words that I use frequently in reference to numerology


A frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs

  • It’s a sound wave
  • It’s an electromagnetic field

A vibration or to vibrate is something

  • that moves rhythmically
  • up and down
  • to and fro

A perfect example of a vibration that we can all relate to – is an earthquake. This powerful vibration shakes the earth and all those at the affect of its vibration. It literally moves back and forth – to and fro.

Therefore, vibrations move people, places and things – they move the earth, they move people, they move the weather, they move the sky, they move planes, they move word events, they move presidents, and so on. Vibrations impact everything on the planet and we feel them everyday on some level. Some are more forceful – like an earthquake or a hurricane…

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