Om Mani Padme Hum

I find chanting enchanting.

There is something about the rhythmic nature of chanting that puts me in a peaceful trance. The vibration of my voice emitting these powerful, ancient syllables, that many thousands of humans have chanted before me and will continue to chant long after I’m gone, is empowering. Even when I am chanting alone I can feel the voices of the others, those who chant with me, perhaps at this very moment, but thousands of miles away, or even those ancient Tibetan Masters centuries ago. I feel my voice joining theirs and I feel totally connected. When I chant in a group setting I feel my voice come through louder, clearer, stronger and prouder, supported by the beautiful sound of my fellow chanters.

Yes, enchanting is truly the word for it.

My favorite chant is Om Mani Padme Hum. Please follow the link and read more about it. The chant stands by itself, but is even more inspiring when you begin to study it’s deeper meanings, and the symbols, colors and qualities it evokes.  I first heard of it from Be Here, Be Now by Ram Dass, but I was too timid to try chanting it myself. Later, it showed up again on some prayer cards sent to my husband by the Dalai Llama. It also appeared in the book Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil by Paul Levy. I noticed the synchronicity of its appearance, as if Spirit were offering it to me over and over again, but didn’t know where to begin using the chant for myself. Then a close friend and spiritual counselor of mine mentioned that she often listened to the chant on CD with her grandchildren. It was the first time the chant felt accessible to me. I was unaware that I could just enjoy the chant while driving. My prior view of chanting was that it was a formal experience that should be approached with a proper amount of seriousness, it never occurred to me that chanting could be playful, relaxing, and even practical. Since then I have shifted my perception and have brought chanting into my daily life. I chant when I put my son to bed, or when we are driving. I play recordings of chanting when I am writing, researching meditating, practicing yoga or nursing my son. I feel more in control of my emotions and more able to focus my thoughts. I have renewed clarity and appreciation towards Life and the process of Creation. I am humbled that sound can be so overwhelmingly powerful.

As you watch the video, feel free to chant along, or simply sit in quiet meditation and get lost in the sound of it. I sometimes play this in the background while I am working or nursing my son. Welcome this chant into your life and it will provide you with clarity and deep spiritual

3 responses to “Om Mani Padme Hum

  1. Great post! I will have to try the chanting CD while traveling and working….such a wonderful idea. When I was in massage school, before we closed up the clinic rooms we would put a CD on in each room that played the OM chant over and over to clear the air and keep the vibration up overnight. I forgot about this until reading your post.

  2. Love this post, Kaycers!

    The image of you chanting while breast feeding just made me smile and tear up. How sweet is that?! What a lucky baby and mama! 🙂

    Chanting around others has always been difficult for me, but I do practice alone. Interestingly, I use chanting to warm myself up when riding my motorcycle since I ride year-round and it does snow here; the chanting works great! I chant while imagining the sun inside of my chest radiating outward with love, peace, and light to the furthest reaches of the universe; and, it actually raises my core body temperature. I love doing this. But, I also love the idea of chanting while working at my desk, doing chores, or driving. I’ll try to do it more frequently!

    Great post, sweetie.Thanks for sharing this great idea. Your light is voluminous and staggeringly beautiful, sis. Love to you…

    • Lizzy,

      Great to hear from you lady friend! Thanks for reading and sharing your insights and gratitude. I love the image of you chanting before a ride! My husband just bought his first bike this year. It was a life long dream come true for him. I will have to tell him about this for when he takes cold rides! He wants me to get one eventually, but I have some reservations…I’m too chicken to learn I think! Lol.

      Another great chant, especially before driving, is Om Gum Gana Pata Ye Namaha – the chant to Ganesh. It is very empowering!

      Much love to you! Take care! ❤ Namaste.

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