Why I Believe Alternative Medicine will Become Mainstream Before I Die


I thought this was kinda funny…

What is it going to take for us to admit that our modern medical system isn’t working and that it’s time for real change? We don’t have proper health care, we have a system that treats sick people, but doesn’t really focus on well being.

In my opinion, the root of the problems we face in our current health care paradigm is that we don’t really love ourselves. We don’t take care of our minds, our bodies and souls. On an individual level we eat processed food, we don’t exercise, we smoke, we drink, and we constantly worry and complain. On a collective level we destroy our rain forests, deplete resources, and pollute our air, water and soil. We are a bunch of masochists!

Remember, this is just my observation. I am not trying to convince you of anything or change your beliefs. I am simply sharing mine. My beliefs don’t fit in with the western medical model, but alternative and holistic approaches to health care resonate with me deeply. Let me lay out some of my basic beliefs and show you what I mean.

  1. I believe we are extremely powerful and that where we place our attention matters. The conscious mind helps create our physical reality, so it is vitally important for my health and the health of the planet that I focus on wellness rather than sickness. It is also important that I confront and release my fears, because fear generates unhealthy patterns.
  2. I believe that if I develop a disease it is because there is a pattern in my life that needs to change, and that I have the power to change that pattern. I believe that to
  3. I don’t believe death should be feared and avoided at all costs, because I believe our consciousness has the ability to transcend the body’s death.

Why am I sharing these beliefs? I don’t know. I suppose I feel like I need to, because they are so fucking empowering. These beliefs have changed my life for the better and if there is anyone out there who would benefit from these beliefs the way I have then I want to share them.

Take a look at this nifty little chart:


Do you see what I see?

The column on the left displays beliefs that tell of a mythology in which the human being has no control over matter.

The column on the right is a mythology in which humans can manipulate energy and thus matter as well.

I think we can work together to make the latter mythology the mainstream. I believe that seeing the mind, body and Spirit as a Unified One will help us heal ourselves as individuals and our planet as well. We don’t have to abandon the other model, we just need to make sure that stop viewing our physical bodies and our minds as separate. Embracing energy medicine doesn’t mean you can’t utilize western medicine. It simply means that drugs and surgery are a last resort as opposed to a primary intervention for healing. 

The holistic health care model is heavily focused on preventative maintenance and daily self-care. It’s about loving your body enough to treat it well. It’s about loving your mind enough not to ruminate on unhealthy thoughts. It’s about loving your Soul enough to incorporate your spiritual nature into every facet of your life. I believe that we are learning to love ourselves enough to make the shift to real health care.

For me, embracing energy medicine has meant changing a lot of my patterns. I think differently, I eat differently, I dress differently. I hang out with different people. I dance more, and I complain less. I smile more, and I blame less. Accepting a holistic approach to medicine has changed my life entirely, and all for the better. And guess what, it costs WAY less. I mean in terms of money. The true cost is in the daily practice of taking better care of myself, so in a way it’s very expensive, but it has nothing to do with that filthy paper we pass around as currency, so truly anyone can afford it.

If you feel tired, unhappy, sick or bored a lot of the time don’t allow the mainstream medical system to tell you it’s something genetic or environmental that you have no control over. You have the power to make some changes. It starts with our beliefs. If you believe you can’t get better you won’t, but if you know in your heart you have the power to heal yourself the whole world opens up to you. It’s not easy, but isn’t it worth a shot?

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