What are You Tripping on, Right Now?

My housemates and I have funny ways of communicating. We interact much more like a pack of dogs than a group of humans sometimes. We pick up on non-verbal cues, we communicate with touch, body language, eye contact, even smell! These non-verbal forms of communicating improve our interactions as a whole so that when we do use written or spoken language we can transcend the limitations more easily.

For example, I recently wrote the sentence “What are you tripping on right now?” on the white board on our refrigerator. It started as a reminder to myself to be mindful of what idea, concept, emotion, memory, or object I was fixating on at any given moment. I find that when I am not paying close attention my mind will attach itself to something which inevitably changes my perception of what is happening in the moment. When I am fixated on feelings of happiness, joy, unity or playfulness I am much less likely to take things personally or feel negatively triggered. When I am fixated on thoughts that make me feel isolated, sad, angry, bitter or fearful I am a lot more easily triggered and reactive. There are also neutral fixations. When I am tripping on a neutral idea I see clearly that I have a choice in which direction to carry my own momentum: towards positive feeling thoughts or negative feeling ones.

The fun part about this practice is that you start to see everything as a “trip.” People often associate “tripping” with psychedelics such as psilocybin (mushrooms) or  LSD (acid), for example, but I think “tripping” is more a state of mind and can be reached by a variety of means. For me, meditation allows me to “trip” which is to say to experience reality in an altered way. Ultimately, since you are the only one who can ever know what it is like to experience reality through your specific lens (your Ego/personality/perspective/point-of-view) you are always kind of on your own unique “trip.” So, when you stop and ask yourself the question “What am I tripping on right now?” with regularity you start to see how your reality is skewed by your personal reactions, feelings, experiences, fixations, etc…and the more you begin to notice these patterns the more power you have to decide whether or not you wish to change them.

This is basic self-empowerment, the more things you bring into the light of your consciousness, the less you are ruled by your unconscious drives and the more freedom and power you have to create the reality you desire.

Remember too, that you are a powerful spiritual being living in a physical body. Your thoughts, intentions, desires, and emotions have a vibrational pull and attract experiences to you.



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