Color & Crystal Infused Water

My housemates and I are in the process co-creating a space in which we actively bring to life our beliefs through ritual, practice, and creative experimentation. One of my favorite new additions to our daily practice is drinking color and crystal infused water.

You can learn more about the metaphysics and science of this practice by following the links at the end of this post. For now, I am just going to share my personal experience with the water.

My friend Kevin, whom we often refer to as the Archivist due to his rigorous self-study habits, has been experimenting with color and light therapy for the past few months. As an artist, he has been interested in the ways in which color (i.e. the visible light spectrum) can influence the human mind, body and emotions. I myself have been interested in color as healing since I began studying and meditating with the chakras. Chromotherapy, or Light Therapy, is rapidly becoming a widely received form of healing and when you think in terms of frequency and vibration it makes a lot of sense. If this concept is new to you please follow the links provided throughout this post to learn more.

Kevin created the beautiful system you see pictured below. He sterilized and painted the bottles (you can use jars, glass is definitely recommended though). We placed them in the sunniest window in our house and allow the water at least 2-4 hours to charge in the sunlight (or moonlight) before drinking it.

The view from my kitchen window

The view from my kitchen window


Each jar filters the water to match the vibrational frequency of the color on the outside of the bottle. For example, the red bottle filters out all but the red frequency. The color red has a low frequency, as you change colors moving from red, to orange, to yellow, all the way to purple, the frequency becomes higher.

Big image

Each color frequency corresponds to one of the 7 primary chakras, energy centers the facilitate the flow of energy into and out of the body. The chakras also circulate energy through the body. When all the chakras are functioning efficiently we experience a state of mental and emotional well being and good physical health. When chakras become blocked, or are excessive or deficient in energy, we experience anxiety and sickness.

The 7 primary chakras also correspond to basic human needs, emotions and experiences. The image above shows the color, location and mental-emotional concept related to each chakra.

Drinking color infused water helps us keep our chakras functioning more efficiently. I like experimenting with different colored water to meet my needs each day. For example, I like to drink a glass of purple water in the evenings to facilitate lucid dreaming. When I feel anxious or nervous yellow, orange and red are really helpful. When I feel sad, depressed or hopeless I drink a big glass of green water. I also try to imagine the wavelength as I am drinking and focus my attention on the corresponding chakra. I can usually feel the chakra coming back into balance with itself. It’s really great!

In addition to using color and sunlight to charge the water we are also using crystals. I love crystals, check out this post to see why. In our kitchen window I have placed various crystals next to each colored bottle to help them charge. We also use Shungite inside each bottle to help purify the water we are drinking. I like the combination of these practices because it makes me feel closer to the stones and has positive health benefits as well.

Overall, the color and crystal infused water we charge has had very positive effects on our household. We are all more conscious of getting enough water and also think about our chakras in an everyday, practical manner. I highly suggest implementing this yourself!

If you need help we would be happy to assist you, as my housemates and I are lightworkers and part of our soul mission is to assist our fellow humans on the journey of healing. Visit my holistic healing website for more information about connecting with me and Kevin for additional support.

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    • My roommate made them! He recycled the bottles and painted them. If you would like to contact him you can email him at His name is Kevin and he’s an artist, Yoga teacher and healer. He’s a cool dude! Or you can totally try to make them yourself!

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