Finding a State of Alrightness

Living in Two Worlds

There are times when I am overwhelmed by a feeling of knowingness and I feel an unshakable sense of peace and calm about everything in my life. You could call it radical acceptance, being centered, alignment with my higher self. It is a feeling is utter and total ease, no doubt, no fear, no worry…just alrightness. It’s better than joy and elation, because I don’t get the sense of impending dread that comes with coming down from an emotional high. In my state of alrightness I am totally cool and unattached, but in the most beautiful, healing way.

There are other times when I feel the opposite of alrightness. I get trapped in emotions of doubt and fear and in that state my mind centers on thoughts of lack and struggle. I become a broken record, constantly thinking and talking about what I don’t want, what I’m worried about, what I wish I had. This is a self-perpetuating, negative cycle that keeps me away from that place of centered peace and ease. These patterns keep me at odds with myself and in a state of resistance. I have recently learned that resistance is a powerful way to quickly manifest exactly what I tell myself I don’t want. I attract all the things I say I don’t like just by giving those thoughts and feelings my attention and energy. I have discovered there is Truth in the saying what you resist persists.

I often stop and wonder how can there be such contrast within me? When I am in a state of alrightness I feel as though nothing could ever be wrong again…and yet when I fall out of this state I feel just the opposite is true. How can I pull myself out of this dark place and back into the peaceful world of alignment and inner peace? Can I live in a state of alrightness forever? Do I even deserve to stay there? What did I do to get there, and how do I come back as often as possible? I feel it is my journey in life to answer these questions, not just for myself, but as a teacher, guide and mentor to other souls on a similar journey. We can learn so much from one another, but only if we are willing to first learn the lessons ourselves. These insights are meant to help us all on the journey of manifesting the reality we truly desire. I hope you find it as helpful as I did!

What You Resist Persists – Recognizing Harmful Patterns

Manifesting a reality of abundance and inner peace is easy. Well if it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? Great question! The reason most people are out of alignment is because they don’t know the secret to manifesting. Most people are informed by dominant culture, which does not promote ease, balance or an attitude of abundance. Dominant culture is infected with an attitude of lack and is littered with messages of disharmony, mistrust, and dis-ease. Dominant society is largely operating at a state of unconscious, habitual behaviors. This is all changing, however, so we need not worry about “the state of the World” because as we work on ourselves and bring ourselves into a state of alignment the external world will reflect our personal growth.

Rather than focus on what is happening on the world stage we only need to pay attention to what is happening within ourselves. When you find your state of alrightness, you lose that sense of fear that our society perpetuates. You are constantly manifesting your own reality, and when you manifest from a place of inner dis-harmony the world reflects that imbalance. This is why it is critical that we become more self-reflective and more self-aware. This mean getting in touch with what we are feeling, thinking and experiencing in each and every moment.

Attracting what you want, or manifesting, is largely dependent upon your emotional state. If it helps, you can think of it as an emote control. Think of it kind of like a remote control. If you push a button for a certain channel, that’s what you are going to see on the TV set. Your emotional state is the remote control, and your external reality is the TV set. When you are feeling angry, you manifest anger in your external reality. When you feel calm, your reality will reflect that feeling. Your emote control is what dials you in to the frequency of what you are manifesting. So if you are dialed into a low vibrational frequency, such as feeling worried about your finances, then you are attracting situations that manifest this reality. Your emotions are the key to your power of attraction.

It is very difficult to change from negative emotions (e.g. fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, etc…) to positive emotions (e.g. acceptance, joy, elation, excitement, enthusiasm, peace, etc…). That is why it is so important that we pay attention to our thoughts and our words. The thoughts you think feed your emotions. When you feel anxious, your thoughts may become negative. For example, if you worry about finances you might also think about your fear of not having enough money to pay your bills. Getting caught “in your head” can make these feelings of lack feel almost overwhelming. You may start to question your freedom and feel a sense of powerlessness. These thoughts will influence your behavior. You will start talking to people about your concerns. Your speech may become highly negative and full of doubt, worry and fear. Your thoughts and emotions influence your words, and your words directly influence your reality.

They say that misery loves company, so you will probably attract people who feel similarly towards their finances. You might all sit around and expend copious amounts of energy talking about how you wish you had more money so you could do the things you really want to do. All the while none of you realize that you are wasting valuable time and energy that could be spent on creating a new reality. As you feed the negative emotions your thoughts and words and energy you are keeping yourself buzzing along and a low vibrational frequency, accelerating the rate at which you attract things of a similar vibration. By feeding these emotions you are limiting yourself and binding yourself to a reality in which your primary focus is worry, lack and fear.


Reprogram Your Emote Control

If you want to unlock the door to your own state of alrightness then you will have to make some drastic changes to the way in which you think and speak. Negative self talk and speech will only keep you trapped in a low vibrational pattern, which in turn creates imbalances in your physical reality (including your physical body, relationships and environment).

Remember, your emotional state, your thoughts and the words you speak have the power to create your reality. If you can change the patterns of any of these factors you will begin to see those changes reflected in the outer world.  Remember it is your “Emote Control” that directly tunes you in to the vibration you are attracting. In a way, that means your emotions are the primary objective. How you feel about your life directly reflects how you experience your reality. 

It can be quite difficult to shift from a negative emotion to a positive emotion, so I find it easier to begin by changing my thought and speech patterns, first. The trick is getting out of the holding pattern (i.e. negative feelings, feed negative thoughts, which feed negative words, which feed negative feelings…) I find it difficult to simply change my emotions, so I suggest first taking control of watching what you say.

The first of the Four Agreements states:

Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

If you are mindful of this agreement consistently you will notice changes in your life almost immediately. Like anything worth doing, it takes some practice before you get the hang of it. With regular and consistent practice this is an extremely empowering practice.


Choose a Better Feeling Thought

Your thoughts are like stepping stones that can carry you from one emotion to the next. When you are down in the dumps negative thoughts only take you further down into that hole. If you wish to make your way back to state of alrightness, all you need to do is build yourself a path, one step at a time. By choosing a better feeling thought you can gradually bring yourself into a state of alrightness, of balance and harmony within yourself.

The first, most important step is to STOP MOVING IN THE DIRECTION OF RESISTENCE. If a particular thought makes you feel bad you need to find the fastest and easiest way to stop focusing on that thought. You have to stop the momentum of negative or disharmonious thinking as quickly as possible. This will help you shift into a neutral state, and from there you can build a path toward positive feelings and the blissful state of alrightness.

How can I stop the momentum of negativity? 

There are lots of ways to stop the momentum of negative thoughts and feelings. Here is a simple list of ideas that might help you make the shift:

  • grounding exercises
  • smudging with sage or incense
  • holding or wearing crystals (especially Rose quartz)
  • meditation or guided visualization
  • practicing Yoga, Chi Gong, Thai Chi or some other form of chi cultivation
  • taking a bath or shower (rinse off the negative energy)
  • eating or drinking something comforting (be careful not to overindulge!)
  • sleeping (just take a nap!)

The Universe is on Your Side

Choose your beliefs carefully

Choose your beliefs carefully

It is important to remember that we are supported at all times by the forces of the Universe. Humans are meant to live in a state of alrightness. Balance is the natural state of all things and we are no exception. We are capable of the flexibility, patience and hope that it requires to see every situation from a state of inner calm and acceptance. We just have to unlearn some bad habits!

Ask for help from your spirit guides, angels, or whatever you consider your higher power. There are energies that wish to help us, but cannot do so unless we ask. Remember, we have free will, so energetically advanced beings will not intervene without permission or against your will.

If you ever feel like you have negative spirits or “demons” that are disturbing your energy field, remember that they are attracted to negative thoughts and feelings. The most powerful thing you can do to protect yourself from anything that wishes to feed on your pain is to cut off their food supply. You  have the personal power to shift your vibrations and bring about positive outcomes in your life. You have the responsibility to determine which emotional vibration you wish to emit. You hold the “emote control” and have the power to wield it with consciousness and integrity.

Please reach out to me if you need support on your journey. I love receiving and responding to comments.

Visit my holistic healing website if you wish to bless me with your support in the form of becoming a client.




2 responses to “Finding a State of Alrightness

  1. Kay,
    Thank you so much for this. You have and continue to be such a great guide in my life and this post is a powerful affirmation of the direction my intuition has been leading me. I can even tell how the books I read and any tv programs I watch affect my negative/positive energy.

    I took your advice last night, even as I was getting through the last of a flu bug, and did a full moon ritual tonight. I wrote for several minutes about what I no longer want in my life- chaos- then wrote it down a separate slip of paper and burned it. Then, I prayed, thanking the four elements, Earth, the Universe, God, and my spirit guides for all they have done for me and had an honest conversation about how my choices, and thoughts, affect my life. I wrote about what I do want for myself and my family. I was filled with tremendous gratitude. Every day, I find myself saying thank you more and more often. Even, especially, for the little things- like a fall of yellow leaves on my walk to the library, or the way the light falls across my children or the treetops.

    I’m humbled and honored to share this journey with you and thank you and God for our friendship. xo

    • Tonia, I’m glad you are in my life. I need more of you around! Thanks for this comment. I cherish your support and encouragement more than you know! just knowing that someone resonates with what I write makes me feel less alone, more connected and encourages me to write more!

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