On the Taboo of Knowing Yourself

Thanks to Alan Watts I now have a clearer understanding of why I have almost always felt like an outcast, in spite of my popularity with others. Most people seem to like me (of course some don’t but they rarely tell me to my face) and I have never had trouble meeting new people or making friends, and yet I have always felt a bit lonely. At times I feel downright isolated and estranged from the rest of humanity. I am constantly searching for answers to questions that some might argue are unanswerable.

Why are we here? Do I have a purpose? What happens when I die? Can I consciously evolve into a more energy aware being? Can my consciousness travel beyond my body?

There are more questions that swim around in my mind and since I’m slightly more extroverted than I am introverted (i.e. I get my energy from being  with others as opposed to spending time alone) AND I’m a talker I tend to bring them up a lot. Some people roll there eyes at me, others engage in conversation but eventually bail because I either get too “out there” or they fall asleep from sheer exhaustion.

One thing I have noticed in my particular experience of the world is that not everyone wants to go after the answers to these questions the way I do. In fact, society seems to discourage it. So many people save these kinds of questions for special situations. You might here it in church occasionally, or in the college philosophy classrooms, but not at the supermarket or the bank.

I cannot comprehend why sports, celebrity gossip, and even politics trumps the most ancient philosophical questions about being, existence and the meaning of life in terms of what makes for practical daily discussion.

Am I really as alone as I feel? Do any of you out there think it’s time to start talking about this stuff? I would love to turn on the TV (I don’t really watch TV but IF I did…) and see Fox News discussing the metaphysics of temporality. Why doesn’t NBC cover the meaning of life?

I am not being hypberbolic. I am sincere. I think there needs to be more room in our lives to tackle these questions.

I hope you agree. And if you do, I simply hope that you will find an opportunity to engage people in something more than small talk on a daily basis. Make it a point to speak your Truth about subjects that matter deeply to you on a soul level. If people don’t want to hear it, fine, but keep talking, keep sharing, keep listening when you encounter someone who wants to engage about these things. We have so much to learn from one another, but we have to be willing to have the conversation.

I love you all. Thanks for existing. I hope you will comment and share your thoughts.



Want to read what I’m reading? Click here: Alan Watts The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are


One response to “On the Taboo of Knowing Yourself

  1. That’s what I like about you: talking about deeper concepts, but yeah it does wear ya out after awhile, but its interesting.

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