Self Healing Meditation Script


self healing birth right

Initiate this meditation by creating sacred space for yourself. Actively create the “mood” you would most enjoy relaxing in.Light candles or incense if you wish.  Plays some ambient music, chanting or bells as background sounds. Close the door for privacy and turn of all electronic devices that might interrupt your healing time with yourself.

Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Lay down on the floor, sit in a chair or sit on a cushion with legs crossed if you prefer. Commit to the position you have chosen. Part of the self healing process is learning to sit still and quietly through any discomfort that may arise.

Settle into your chosen position. Relax your body gradually. Take in a slow deep breath and exhale, closing your eyes and softening your jaw and you let the breath leave your body.

Imagine your crown chakra opening as you inhale. Feel the energy swirling and entering your body just above the top of your head. As you exhale feel your crown soften and continue to expand.

Imagine your third eye chakra opening as you inhale. Feel the energy swirling and entering your in the middle of your forehead. As you exhale feel your brow soften and allow the energy expand toward your ears and the base of your skull.

Imagine your throat chakra opening as you inhale. Feel the energy swirling and entering your body in the center of your throat. As you exhale feel your neck muscles relaxing and feel the energy swirling in the center of your esophagus.

Imagine your heart chakra opening as you inhale. Feel the energy swirling and entering your heart. Reach forward through your chest. Puff yourself up . Feel your upper back expanding. As you exhale feel your chest and upper back soften and relax.

Imagine your crown solar plexus chakra opening as you inhale. Feel the energy swirling and entering your body just above your navel. Imagine a large camp fire burning hot and steady. As you exhale feel your stomach and lower back relax.

Imagine your sacral chakra opening as you inhale. Imagine your pelvic bowl is an actual bowl. Imagine it filling to the brim with water. Feel your hips relax as you exhale.

Imagine your root chakra opening as you inhale. Feel thick, dark roots extending from the base of your spine into the ground. Root yourself as deeply as you can. As you exhale feel allow your entire lower half to relax into the floor. Allow gravity to cradle you against the Earth. Feel the support and safety offered to you through your root chakra.

Now focus on your breath.

Breathe in what you need.
Exhale what you don’t need.

Inhale what you desire.
Exhale what you no longer desire.

Inspire. Feel Divine inspiration entering your body.
Expire. Release that which is no longer serving you back into Source.

Acknowledge: I exist in ways that transcend the physical plane.

Repeat aloud: I acknowledge that I exist beyond the limitations of my physical self.

Ask for guidance: if there are any harmful patterns stored in any part of me I now request guidance in creating new patterns.

Open yourself to change: I accept and allow any change in consciousnesses or shift in vibration that promote healing in my life.

Allow a deep sense of gratitude to wash over and through you. Send gratitude to your body. Feel grateful for the delicious experience of having a physical body. Feel grateful for what you body allows you to do, see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

Repeat the following affirmations aloud or in your mind:

I accept myself exactly as I am.
I learn more about myself with each experience.
I am always improving.
Wellness is my natural state of being.
My body is capable of healing itself.
My cells knows exactly repairing themselves.
Homeostasis is a natural state of being available to all living things.
My thoughts are clear and balanced.
My emotions are nourishing and bring me into alignment with myself.
My body is totally relaxed.
I am in perfect health.
I am well.
My mind, body and soul are in harmony with one another and my surroundings.

Take a final slow deep breath in. Hold it.[Pause] Take in a little more air. Hold it. [Pause]

Now gently release your breath, letting the air flow gently through your lips. Gently contract your diaphragm, squeeze all the air out of your lungs.

Now slowly open your eyes. Gentle stretch and massage your body. As you complete this meditation remember what it felt like to be centered, calm and at ease within yourself.

Remember the more you practice the easier it will be to access this state of inner calm.

Thank you for your practice.

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