Tarot Card of the Week

download (1)This week, February 8th – 14th, The Sun

Be fearless and play!

Let your light shine! This week it is important to remember that you are Being of pure light. No matter what is happening in your external environment you have the ability to bring Divine Light into the situation. It may mean speaking up against the wrong doings of others. It may require you to break free from your comfort zone and let loose a little bit. It may mean simply letting yourself off-the-hook long enough to let loose and be playful and silly here and there. This week remember to experience the world the way a child does, with innocence and honesty. If you feel like laughing, laugh. If you feel like crying, cry. The World is full of wonder and joy, let yourself experience those things and don’t let the darkness in the world dampen your beautiful LIGHT.



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