A Poem for the Frazzled

I like the idea of creating a mood board!

What’s going on? Is my bra too tight?

I just can’t catch a deep breath.

I feel like a mess. Does my hair look alright?

My bank account scares me to death.


Do you remember when things were simple?

Was there ever such a time?

I remember crying over a pimple,

and I get frustrated waiting in lines.


I think I need glasses, my vision is blurry

My mind is as clear as my eyes.

Meditation reveals how much I worry,

and all of the white little lies.


I think that I’m weak, but know that I’m strong.

I just can’t seem to decide.

Is this how I do it? It’s taking too long…

Please show me a place I can hide.


The world is too busy. There’s too many bills.

I’m not the right person for the job.

I can’t keep climbing the perpetual hills.

Success doesn’t help, I just feel like a snob.


So many addictions, I just cant choose

which bad habit to kick first.

No matter what, I always lose

when I eat to quench my thirst.


I’m smarter than this,I know what to do.

All I can say is I’m doing my best.

Discipline and practice are helpful its true,

but sometimes I don’t feel like taking the test.


I think it’s time to rest.







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