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The above painting, Journey of the Wounded Healer, by Alex Grey visually illustrates my life journey, or sacred contract. I feel that I have just exploded from my ego – the confrontation from biologic and psychic realities. Now I have begun to embark on the path of the healer/scientist/artist. With each step I take, I am becoming more aware of my higher self and increasing my spiritual vibrations.

So how did I get here? The path didn’t seem to make sense to me until recently. Currently I am a paramedic. I am also a level 2 Reiki healer. To top it off, I am an artist with a B.F.A from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (See some of my work here)

I would quote Dickens and start my story from the beginning, yet I am afraid that is all pretty boring. Just know that I have had uncontrolled psychic abilities from my late teen years: first manifesting through the Tarot, then later in prophetic dreams, and now within intuition during EMS calls. Over the years I had been afraid of this extra-sensory knowledge. My ego and rational mind pushed it back to gain some sense of normalcy. It seemed that once I began Reiki healing, my abilities found an acceptable means, or at least so said my ego embodied self. As I began to share my gifts, I was quickly met with snickers and ridicule. Once again I stifled my psychic senses.

Fast forward to March of this year. I have applied to medical school and received a letter saying I was on the waitlist. Not receiving an acceptance put me into a depression. Luckily, or I should say, as it was meant to be in my life plan, I met a wonderful woman – Kaycie. Through our conversations I have been able to awaken my spirituality and gain insight and acceptance of my abilities.

Over the last two months I have exploded from my inhibitions. I hope to continue on my path as a physician that values all approaches to healing: both eastern and western philosophies. I believe that the four women on this blog have found each other in order to interweave our sacred contracts, as was agreed upon before this lifetime. This blog is our first steps. Small, unsteady beginnings which will surely become more steadfast as our minds open further to the collective unconscious, revealing our joined destiny.

Now I am in the third panel of Grey’s triptych. I have some wonderful experiences to share from the last two months of my explosion/awakening. I hope you find them as fascinating as I do and walk with me up the staircase as I reach and meet my self empowered self.

4 responses to “Mina’s Bio

  1. I’m considering buying the domain for $18 a year. I want to take the “going pro” course for Tarot and if it works out I may use this site as my tarot site in addition to our articles. I think it would increase our traffic and give me the opportunity to expand my reading business. What say you to this?

  2. Mina,
    I have nothing but great respect for men and women who are paramedics. The experience that you come to have, those dealing with life and death, has to propel you to places, metaphysically and spiritually, that few can appreciate fully. Martin Scorsese directed a film starring Nicolas Cage and (regretfully I can’t remember the actress’ name or the name of the film) it was a profound story of Cage as a paramedic. My guess is that you are familiar with the film. My guess is that you have the ability to produce an even more profound story in you that would move people to the limit of human moveability.
    Is moveability a new word?!
    Thank you and wishing you all the best,

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