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In order to feel successful and complete we go through life following a “game plan” so to speak. I have been thinking lately, who makes this plan for us? Why do I listen when I am told I have to get a degree in Business since I am very organized, or that I have to get cable because “how will I stay connected to society otherwise?” Well to tell you the truth I’m over it….I have lived that life of doing what I am told and what is expected of me and at the end of the day I realized I am just not happy with this version of me!!!

This past year I have went through some radical changes. One of the most liberating things I did was packing my car with clothes and leaving my last 8 years of existence behind, including my possessions and relationship. I suspended my business degree program and started teaching yoga. I have to say it was the most freeing experience I have ever had and it has led me to the path I am on today, a path of self discovery.

Too often I see people like myself living for everyone else and although the intention and heart is there, we must live for ourselves first. I like to call this “Selfish Selflessness”. As I am sure you have heard one or more people say before, you have to take care of and love yourself if you are to ever do the same for anyone else in your life.  This is my path as of now.  I plan to write about this and much more including yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicine, eating vegetarian, chakras, and whatever else may present itself to me through this journey we call life.



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  1. I’m considering buying the domain for $18 a year. I want to take the “going pro” course for Tarot and if it works out I may use this site as my tarot site in addition to our articles. I think it would increase our traffic and give me the opportunity to expand my reading business. I think you could also add a “page” with yoga information. Say private lessons or what not. What say you to this?

    • Hey girl,  been super busy sorry! Teaching at least 1 class a day right now crazy crazy! You can absolutely use the site for your tarot I however already have my privates and stuff advertised on the studio site, but Thank you :))) Miss you. think of you often.

      Shanti, Sara D.


  2. Sara,
    One is reminded of the famous words of Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss.” I feel tremendous anticipation when considering what you four are capable of doing here. There is a sense that your combined power is going to shine the light of love to a great number of men, women and children on this Earth. There is no doubt that you will make a real positive difference in the lives of people all over this Earth.
    Thank you so much.

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