Buddhism Sand Art

Happy Tuesday!!

As I was looking for a performance art piece video… which is proving quite a difficult task, I did find this beautiful sand art. I have always found a magical wonder in its impermanence and ability to change. It is quite a lovely metaphor for living in general.


7 responses to “Buddhism Sand Art

  1. I saw one of these constructed and then immediately destroyed at the University of Portland when I attended school there. Imagine the patience it takes to make this, and the detachment needed to let it go afterwards. We could all benefit from these principals in our daily lives.

  2. Kaycie, I think you told me about the monks making the rice art. It sounded amazing. Maybe I’ll search for that and post as a response.

  3. We set up a water painting station for our 18 month old daughter a few months back. A budha board. No color, but a beautiful slate grey that evaporates a few minutes later. She absolutely loves the thing and explores self expression with the water and watches it dissapear.

  4. The piece done at my campus was a large mandala. It was gorgeous. The work in this video is truly unbelievable though! Where did you find it?

  5. I was searching for that performance art video. Clicking and internet things later, I found this gem 😀 I do think I am going to contact that artist and ask to post it with her permission. Or at least if we could get a copy somehow.

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