Blown Minded

Happy Friday!

I found this beautiful video by Carine Khalife. This link will provide you the page where her process is explained. It is for the 2011 song, Blown Minded, by Young Galaxy.

I find her process fascinating, as each frame is an oil painting. She then takes an aerial photo of each painting. It seems to be to be like a moving Munch painting!

I also like to consider the lyrics of the song:

“How did I get to here?
A random chain of events
Or chemical and elements
Conspiring, divining”

I have been thinking about this concept a lot recently. Do we have free will? Are we destined by a divine force or sacred contract?

It makes me reconsider the Myth of Er written by Plato. Souls were allowed to choose a new life path. These paths did have certain lessons to learn from them, good or bad. After this choice, the souls were led to the Three Fates – who each spun a part of the web of the soul’s destiny. Finally they are led to the River of Forgetfulness and made to drink the water. This way the soul has no memory of the set path his or her next life will take.

“In my heart I have lived without aught
It’s been the war of attrition
Between a small-minded fool
And sublime intuition”

I take this stanza to mean, until we choose which way to live, we will live without passion in our hearts. The sides between a small-minded fool (our ego-centric default setting) and intuitive spiritual mind are wearing down. A choice needs to be made on which side to go with.

As for the remaining lyrics, those are certainly up for interpretation. Mostly I shared this link on a purely visual “Cool” factor.

Some of the lyrics are coinciding with my reading and thoughts as of late. I hope you enjoy this video!

2 responses to “Blown Minded

  1. Mind=Blown. (I’ve always wanted to say that..)
    What a video. And Young Galaxy…they’re really good.
    So the artist actually painted this video..? On glass…?
    Wow. Mind=Blown.

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